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    Irwin Macalister
    Cinnabar Island

    It was a warm day to say the least, and as Irwin held up his hand he could feel the small pools of sweat slowly forming under the arm belonging to said hand. It was a bit disgusting, but Irwin chose to ignore it. After all, everyone else here has got to be a bit sweaty right? Whatever. It seemed like only one person answered Irwin’s – as he liked to think – pretty rad gesture. The kid seemed to be older than Irwin, or was he? It was kinda hard to tell actually. In the end, the flare-haired teen decided to just leave it at that the kid was around his age. He was also a bit chubby this kid, but unlike Irwin he didn’t seem to be so jolly. His hair was dark and it seemed that the owner of said hair was feeling quite fed up with the hot weather, and honestly Irwin didn’t blame him. It also seemed that the guy had a Zigzagoon – a Pokémon normally native to Hoenn – by his side. Maybe him and Irwin were a bit similar? Maybe they’d be good friends? After all, this was the only person who seemed to have the courtesy to respond to a slightly corny, but still good greeting.

    However there was something about the way he answered Irwin’s greeting, it seemed as if he had made an attempt to smile, but the attempt had failed. Hmm… Irwin immersed himself in thought, why was it so that this guy had failed to smile? Had something happened to him recently? Was he always a little sad about stuff? Had his parents abandoned him to become tomorrow’s time travelers from the past? Had- No, no, no, this doesn’t work at all! Irwin knows that he can’t think like this! Without music to stimulate his brain, all of the things he can think up are just plain nonsense! Let’s see… What music should we take? The good thing about Irwin is that the flare-haired teen’s brain can work quite well as a playlist for many kinds of music ranging from what you’d hear on the radio to obscure stuff that not even hipsters would get their fingers dirty with. A good song for- oh wait, seems like Coal is talking right now. Better listen to her!

    After Ambella had finished her speech, Irwin stood a bit breathless. Gym-Leaders… are becoming evil? The teen suddenly understood that this mission involved far more than he had thought at first. And now, he was unsure if he really was up to the task. While Irwin was spacing out like a moron – probably playing some music in his head, that’s fitting to how he feels now – he was handed a PokéDex. The flare-haired teen looked down on the red device in his hand. He knew about PokéDexes, I mean who didn’t? But the thought of actually owning one had never before crossed his mind. With this, Irwin felt like oceans, no, EONS of knowledge were coursing through his body. This thing could inform him of whatever attribute a Pokémon could have, it was simply… amazing. As he heard the professor say that they were to record – preferably catch – a whole bunch of Pokémon, Irwin’s mind drifted away from the evil Gym-Leaders for a second. Now he stood and could only marvel at the sheer thought of catching an ocean of Pokémon, how much wouldn’t that cost with all the PokéBalls and stuff? The flare-haired teen started to sweat a bit harder at the thought of all the money getting washed away, but then again Ambella said that her researchers would fund them, so it probably wasn’t that bad.

    After the explaining was all good and done, it seemed like the final person chose to arrive. Irwin threw a glance at her for a second. She seemed to be wearing baggy pants and a hoodie, in this weather? That’s borderline to insane! Also, she had a hat on? Who was she trying to be, MC Warmer? Oh dear Arceus that was terrible! That joke didn’t even make the slightest bit of sense! Irwin slapped himself mentally for even having the thought of coming up with such a joke, so instead of telling it and looking like a complete tool, he banished the joke to the deepest depths of his mind. Now where was he again? Oh yeah, the girl who arrived late! He decided to leave her for a moment and instead focus on his PokéDex. Irwin flipped it open and began to stare and poke at the functions like an idiot.

    Meanwhile, Gex was starting to feel extremely bored with this stupid meeting. What did the human even say? Something about “Shmym-Bleeders”? “Rhym-Askfdjers?” Whatever it was, it seemed highly uninteresting. So instead of wasting any brainpower on pretty much anything, the Treecko started making small jabs in the air to show his Trainer that he was bored and wanted something to do.

    “In a moment Gex…” Irwin said distantly as his Treecko pulled off some jabs in front of him. The Grass-type grunted and stuck out his tongue at his Trainer. ”Well, at least it isn’t a kick in the shin like he used to do.” Irwin thought. He remembered very well the first time the two met, he had tried to issue an attack to the Pokémon, but instead it ended up kicking him in the shin and it would continue to do so for the two out of three years that he had been in Irwin’s care. Faint traces of bruises could still be seen on the flare-haired teen’s legs after those incidents, but he himself never thought about it much. He was a jolly fellow without much sorrow after all.

    After checking out some of the stuff on his PokéDex, Irwin decided to maybe socialize with the fellow who had answered him earlier. He seemed like a pretty nice – albeit maybe grumpy – guy.
    “Hello,” he said as he walked up to the dude, “That’s a pretty cool Zigzagoon you have there, seeing as they’re pretty hard to come by here I’m a bit curious of how you got it.” Irwin flashed the guy a friendly smile to show that he was a pretty nice and harmless guy, as if his whole appearance hadn’t given that away already.