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**** YEAH, Seaking RED HAWK!
I really hope this isn't the only time that Luffy uses Red Hawk.
That's probably one of his strongest attacks now.

Whenever I see Hordy Jones now, I just think...(there's a link there)

Originally Posted by ebilly99
Do I really have to type in thousand sunny? Merry Go was a much better ship ;( I miss her so much... I mean it not her, No I don't have a crush. (BTW my pirate name is Ussop
Yes, you do (and you did, thanks).
Hello and welcome to the One Piece fan club here on PC Forums!

You're adopting the name of your favorite pirate?
Hopefully that won't get you into too much trouble with the Marines. ;p

Originally Posted by KonohaSkye
I'd like to join. :D Been trying to catch up on the series with the manga releases. Pretty excited that Neon Alley is going to air it October 2nd. Always loved the Funi dub over the 4Kids one
I think I'll let you join, but there's a certain magic phrase I'd like to hear. ;p