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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    The Card Dex performs a different function to the Library. The Library shows you what cards you have (and how many you have), while the Card Dex is mainly used to show you what you're missing (just like the Pokédex, including where you can get missing cards from - booster packs are based on sets). The Library also has many pockets, making it impossible to use it as a set completion record. The Card Dex will remain as a separate feature.
    well it looks like i have misunderstood something...
    you remember me saying i want to start with a "deck construction screen"?
    i actually meant something like the library you mentioned above where it is shown which cards the player owns and stuff like this...
    i thought you mean with "library" something like a Card Dex so i made a design for a card dex screen...
    english is not my native language so sry for the misunderstanding!
    cant you just start the project with the dex screen where you add the first set of cards?
    here is what i made even thought its not what you wanted:
    i wanted to make the info screen for the cards after this but it looks like i should make the library like you described...
    ahh by the way i have all the existing cards as scans so i resized the base set to fit in the card dex screen... (i will resize more sets later)
    here they are:
    these cards are pretty small because otherwise i couldnt fit them in the dex screen...
    i already prepared bigger size cards (where you can read the text on the cards) for the info screen...
    i will upload them after i am finished with the info screen...
    and here is a screenshot for everyone who dont want to download the psd file...

    if you dont have photoshop you can open .psd files with and this plugin: