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    Property of Cora


    (If found, please mail to Daisy in Pallet Town. HER I trust.)

    Day 1

    I started on my quest to make Kendall eat his words today. He thinks that bug Pokemon suck? Fine. I'm going to prove him wrong. You know, after I kick Xavier to the curb for being an - um - word best not written down here. Just in case somebody reads it and thinks I'm some foul-mouthed little girl. Which I'm not, since, you know, Xavier deserves being called words way worse than jerk and I'm twelve. So. Not a little girl anymore, ha!


    I was all set to go down to Viridian Forest and catch a Caterpie, but the stupid Professor wouldn't let me leave Pallet! He nearly gave me a heart attack, jumping at me like that. Come on, Professor, get with the program. It takes about half an hour to walk to Viridian and I've done it loads of times before. When I told him my plan, though, he got this look in his eye, let me pick a Pokemon, and told me to go 'hurry along, then'. Which would almost make him cool, except then I had to waste half the day walking back and forth delivering stuff to him - and now, apparently, I have to fill up this stupid thing called a PokeDex. Blah.

    And some old dude shoved an old TV in my face. I dropped it in the first dumpster I found. It was REALLY heavy.

    Okay, so, dumped the TV, went into Viridian Forest, found this adorable little Caterpie, caught her, named her Victoria (she and Shelly - oh, yeah, Shelly's a Squirtle - got along really well) - and then was forced to fight weirdos in shorts with bug nets who called themselves bug catchers.

    Victoria pretty much kicked their butts. Well, one of their butts. After the first guy, this little Weedle attached herself to my arm and wouldn't let go, so I caught her and named her Honey. She's really affectionate and hasn't poisoned me yet!

    I was kinda surprised by how fast these things evolve, though. Victoria and Honey evolved TWICE while I was lost in Viridian Forest! So now I've got Butterfree and a Beedrill! It was really helpful, actually. They got a lot stronger, plus they got wings, so they could help me get out of that stupid forest.

    I'm in Pewter City now. It's HUGE. I found the Pokemon Center and I'm staying the night here. In the morning, I'm going to challenge Brock. I think we can handle it.

    Day 2

    Whew. What a day.

    Okay, so Brock was not easy. I still don't know how I managed to beat him. I think I got really incredibly lucky. And it took forever!

    One of the Professor's aides tracked me down afterwards and gave me a pair of sneakers. I'm not sure what was wrong with my old ones, but these are nice. They're even in my size. I bet my mom's behind this. I put them on, and now my feet hurt because the shoes aren't broken in yet. Blah. I hope they'll be better tomorrow, since that's when I'll be tackling Mt. Moon.

    I'm so glad I have a flashlight.

    Right, so, got to the entrance of Mt Moon and they have a Pokemon Center here. Too tired to write anymore. Night.

    Day 3

    I hate Mt. Moon. I hate Team Rocket. I hate science nerds who get all possessive over crap that I don't even want. I hate Zubat.


    There are thousands of them in Mt. Moon, and they're EVERYWHERE. Seriously. I checked. After the seventh one attacked me, I aimed my flashlight at the cave ceiling? It didn't look like a cave ceiling. It looked like a blue velvety mass.

    I was very quiet after that.

    Or at least, I tried to be. Turns out that there's some group of fanatic idiots wearing black with red 'R's on their chests calling themselves Team Rocket. I'm not entirely sure what they doing, but they kept on getting in my way and challenging me to battles, which disturbed the Zubat and sent them after me. They weren't hard battles, just... annoying.

    I made a new friend, though. Poor Agatha was hiding behind a boulder from some Zubat, so I beat off the Zubat and she's been following me ever since. I finally put her in a Pokeball so that I'd stop accidentally stepping on her.

    Anyway, I was almost out of Mt. Moon, and some lunatic in a lab coat screamed at me that the fossils were his, darn it, and that he wasn't sharing! He made me fight him (Agatha's not bad with her claws, and I pity the person who makes Honey angry), then tossed a fossil at my face, grabbed the other, and ran.

    Ugh. What is WRONG with people?

    So. Got out of Mt. Moon. Spent another fifteen minutes walking to Cerulean and another twenty trying to find the stupid Center.

    My feet hurt.

    Day Four

    Well. Today was weird.

    Xavier cornered me today. I was trying to go up to the Cape, and he barreled down the bridge, called me a loser, and challenged me to a battle before I could say anything. I have to say, I'm proud of my Pokemon. They were awesome and kicked his butt. He didn't admit it though, and just insulted me again, gave me something called a Fame Checker, and left.

    I don't know whether to feel pleased or mad. One on hand, insults. On the other, present. Whatever. It's not a really useful present anyway, since I don't CARE about famous people.

    Not that it matters much since I keep on running into them...

    ANYWAY. I crossed the bridge, beat the trainers, got the prize - oh my Arceus, THIS IS REAL GOLD - and then ran into a badly disguised Team Rocket member who tried to get me to join up. Since he wouldn't listen to reason, I had to have my Pokemon beat up his Pokemon before he'd leave me alone.

    And I might have punched him in the face. Maybe.

    But yeah, he left me alone, so I wandered on up to the Cape, went inside this house and...

    ...Met. Bill.

    Who had somehow managed to fuse himself with a Clefairy.


    Think about this for a second.

    ...I helped him get unfused, he gave me a ticket to a boat party that's not until next week, and then ran. What is wrong with everyone? I haven't managed to go ONE DAY without meeting some weirdo!


    I decided to try to beat Misty, and... it was really easy. I'm not sure why, but it was. So, yay! New TM and shiny badge for me~

    I'm leaving this place tomorrow. Misty's cool, and I've got a nugget of real gold - I still can't believe they give this stuff away - but I can't wait to get out of here. Please let me meet normal people tomorrow. Please.

    Pokemon Stats

    Tackle/Sleep Powder/Supersonic/Confusion

    Poison Sting/Focus Energy/Twineedle/Fury Attack

    Effect Spore
    Scratch/Stun Spore/Poisonpowder/Leech Life

    Trainer Stats

    Cora, Female
    Age - 12
    Badges - 2
    PokeDex - 8