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    Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
    Whoa. YOU CALL THAT A PLOT TWIST? THAT IS A PLOT EXPLOSION WITH SOME DYNAMITE THROWN IN. Lol. Well, it's now confirmed that I was totally and absolutely WRONG. :D well, guess what? I has another prediction then.

    Halley belongs to Bach, the time machine guy from Opelucid, and he sent her through his machine as his test.

    If this isn't relevant at all, well then maybe Halley IS Bach, and somehow got turned into a cat when traveling between dimensions.

    Anyway, lé truly phenomenal chapter. It's impossible to be let down by your writing.
    Ah, glad you enjoyed it. As for the rest... well, it's pretty far fetched, but hey! So is ninety per cent of the stuff I write.

    Anyway, the next chapter is coming along nicely, and should be up soon.


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