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Fiona Cole

In a flash of light, her Doduo appeared behind her, facing the presumed threat. The noise from earlier came into clear definition, it was a growl, and now it was a constant growl. Much like a growl of Pokemon attempting to protect something? Fiona pulled off a quick but sloppy 180, standing herself up in the process. Her eyes lit up as she laid eyes on the Pokemon. A Growlithe and it was cute as hell, even if it was menacingly growling at them, it was still adorable to her. Doduo on the other hand, wasn't as captivated as Fiona, but be plenty sure that the Growlithe had his attention.

"Doduo, look a Growlithe!" Fiona was very pleased with her first Pokemon encounter, she had to catch this. Doduo, was far too busy being glared at by the dog to even respond. The thought of the puppy Pokemon even being a dangerous adversary hadn't even crossed her mind, but in the case of Doduo's, it very much did. The bird Pokemon appeared hesitant, almost afraid of Growlithe.

This time, the Growlithe growled even louder and bared its teeth and the trainer and Pokemon. Fiona glanced over at her Pokemon, which at this point was nearly emanating obvious fear. Annoyed and confused by the unusual cowardliness, she poked one of the heads roughly, much like the time she had been poked during their first encounter. Doduo reacted almost instantly, nearly stabbing Fiona in the eye before pulling back. She sighed, smiling, that seemed to do the trick. The fear was gone, but there was still a trace of hesitance left. It seemed she would have to make due with it.

"Alright... use Growl, show that Growlithe you can be just as intimidating!" Disregarding his own hesitance, Doduo reared both of his heads back and lunged them forward, roaring out an equally fierce growl. The Growlithe was caught by surprise, it's own growling coming to a halt. It definitely didn't expect to get a taste its own medicine. It quickly snapped out of the little trance it was in and roared out. It wasn't intimidating, it was more like a battle cry, or something someone would grunt or scream out to get the last repetition of a workout set. Fiona was sometimes guilty of that when she did her squats, it was far from an attractive action. Anyways, she decided to take the opportunity to strike.

"Quick attack, Doduo!" In a burst of speed, the Doduo slammed into the roaring Growlithe. Torquing his round furry body in such a fashion that his heads remained unharmed. The pup hit groaned, totally unprepared for the sneak attack. It hit the ground, it's body rolling around from the extra momentum. Rolling itself back onto it's feet, the Growlithe held a low growl, this time in anger more than anything. In retaliation, it spat small bullets of fire, several of time hitting their marks. Doduo winced in pain and the Growlithe slowly inched it's way closer.

This gave Doduo ample time to recover from the hit, and when the Growlithe decided to strike, he was ready. Suddenly, the canine sped up and bared it's sharp teeth, as it reached within two feet of the bird Pokemon, it leaped up with a gaping mouth. Fiona wasn't sure what to do, but one move just kept making it's way into her mind.

"Quick attack again!" Doduo nodded, taking two steps and launched himself up in the air towards the Growlithe. In a hectic collision, both had dealt a considerable amount of damage. Growlithe was once against struck in the chest, but not before sinking its teeth into a chunk of Doduo's body. Both of them hit the ground hard, falling not so far from where both had taken off. Growlithe was so far the stronger of the two, he had appeared to sustain less damage throughout the fight than Doduo had, and jumped up. It proudly walked over to Doduo, who was attempting to stand himself up.

The Growlithe roared once more and loomed over Doduo, before going in for another bite, this time for one of the necks. In a panic, one of the bird Pokemon's heads shot up, stabbing the dog with his beak. Annoyed by the defiance of her Doduo, the Growlithe snarled it's teeth and went in for another bite. Once again another peck was thrown, thwarting the canine's attempts to bite him. Again the pecks commenced, this time both heads in unison. Growlithe was able to dodge one, but in it's movement, lowered it's head, and something else right into one. The Growlithe shot up in pain, howling. It was gruesome, the peak had definitely punctured one of Growlithe's eyes, maybe even blinded it in that eye. It rolled away in pain, it's paws covering the eye and groaning out.

Fiona winced in disgust. "Oh god, that can't be good." She had no intention of that happening, nor did her Doduo, for he immediately shot up with worry and regret in it's dark eyes. She wasn't exactly sure if it would help, but she had to try. Scrummaging through her satchel, she pulled out a standard poke-ball and threw it at the Growlithe. Hitting one of it's hind legs, the ball bounced off and the pup was sucked into it. Being far too concerned with the status with it's eye, the Growlithe made no retaliation to being caught. The ball clicked, assuring Fiona that the Pokemon had been caught. She ran over picking up the ball, inside, the Growlithe was still rolling around clutching its eye in pain. She held it tightly in her hand as she turned to Doduo.

"We have to get him to a Pokemon center!" How had she known the Growlithe was a male? She didn't, it just appeared that way by it's aggressive nature and fighting styles. But now was not the time to ponder over such thoughts. Doduo nodded one of it's heads and and motioned with the other to follow him. Lucky enough, Doduo knew his way around the unsettled parts of the island and could easily guide them back to town. Fiona herself was a lost cause when it came to out of city ventures. Doduo slid down the cliff-side limiting his own speed so Fiona could keep up. In this situation he would've preferred to have carried her, but she was much larger than her younger child self. Fiona took off after her Pokemon, sliding down as gracefully as she could in her footwear. They took off sprinting, clearing through the obstacles of the island jungle. She glanced down at the ball, hoping things would turn out better than they looked.