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Hi there, everyone, and welcome to Pokecommunity's official 10th anniversary art contest! This event is hosted by myself, Cirno.

About this contest

What exactly do you do for this contest? Simple! You will need to draw a picture of the theme posted below - be it with colored pencils, digitally, or even using acrylic paints! Scroll down for rules and other important information regarding the event.

What is the theme?

Our theme this event is fall or autumn. Draw an image that accurately portrays your view of this season! Both Pokemon and non-Pokemon are allowed, so long as it fits the criteria!

How long does this event last?

The event will run from Monday, September 24th at 12:00AM midnight to Saturday, September 29th, at 11:59PM. Once that clock strikes midnight for the 30th, entries will be closed.

The Rules

Every contest has to have rules, right? Right! Outlined below are the general rules for this contest:
  • This is a drawing contest, meaning only drawn images are allowed. That means no icons, banners, or layouts!
  • You may not steal someone else's work; members caught doing this will be infracted.
  • I understand this is a rather short event, but please try to put more effort into your drawing. We don't want 2-minute scribbles that are impossible to make out!
  • You are not required to add color. However, as stated in the previous bullet point, your image must look like you put time into it.
  • Both Pokemon and non-Pokemon artwork is permitted. However, please no fanart of anything outside Pokemon.
  • One entry per person
  • Try not to use too many special brush effects, as this is a drawing contest rather than a graphics contest. They are allowed, but in moderation.
  • PLEASE PUT YOUR IMAGE IN SPOILERS. We don't want to create a very long page that is hard to scroll through!

The Prizes

All participants will receive the below emblem for their hard work:

There will also be first and second place emblems handed out, but those will be kept secret until the contest has ended!

How to enter

To enter, all you need to do is follow the below easy-to-use format:

Entry: (please put this in spoilers!)


The winners should be posted within 24 hours after the contest has come to a close.

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