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    Hello, Pokecommunity!

    This is Fraot and I fially post a thread about my game. If you already know me, you'll get disappointed because this is not my Pokémon game; and it's canceled right now until I find reasons to restart it.

    This is a fan-made Megaman X I've been developing since a little before I started with my Pokémon project (late 2008). Then I lost inspiration in mid 2009 due to my low programming skills and then, on early 2010 restarted from where I left it but I was working slowly on it.

    Now, moving onto the topic... the story takes place after Megaman X5 ignoring X7 and X8, since they're alternate stories.


    In the year 21XX, Dr. Cain, a leading scientist of the 22nd century is on an expedition dig to examine Mesozoic fossil records when he comes upon the ancient ruins of Dr. Thomas Light's lab. There he finds the doctor's final creation, "X", encapsulated. He examines X and copies his design, creating the Reploid race: robots that can think, feel, and make their own decisions. But disaster strikes when some of the robots begin to rebel, or go "maverick". Soon, even the leader of the Maverick Rebels rebels, and instigates a full-scale war. X joins the war to stop Sigma and restore peace. However, that struggle would last for decades and would not stop easily.

    After Zero died in the events on Megaman X5, X became the "leader" of the Maverick Hunters along with Signas. However, Zero was secretely reconstructed but he refused to continue his duty on fighting Mavericks knowing that he was the source of the Sigma Virus, so he decided to go into an eternal slumber.

    After decades of effort, the world Human Council finally founded Neo Arcadia, a gigantic utopia, where humans could live in peace.

    Maverick Hunters forged a pact with human goverment to authorize the creation of perfect copies of X in order to make the ultimate guardians and keep the pace of Neo Arcadia. These guardians were given different attributes of X's skills.

    The Wind Wise guardian was given the mission to keep vigilance of the sky.
    The Fire Fighter guardian was given the mission to watch over the ground perimeter.
    The Water Fairy guardian was given the mission to ensure no enemies would reach by the sea. And the Shadow Hidden guardian along with his army, were special forces to counter enemies by ambushing.

    A new anti-virus was made in order to counter Sigma virus, this program was code named Mother Elf. After X used the Mother Elf to delete the Sigma Virus, the number of Mavericks decreased significantly. It was at this point that the human scientist Dr. Weil proposed Project Elpizo: a plan to control all Reploids by combining the Mother Elf's rewriting abilities with a Reploid created to be a perfect rule.

    Although X opposed this operation and Dr. Weil's "philosophy of rule" with his own "philosophy of coexistence", a fear of a long-lasting war resulted in increasing support for Project Elpizo.

    To further his own secret agenda of a new world order with him as ruler, Dr. Weil instigated the Elf Wars by stealing the Mother Elf herself and corrupting her turning her into the Dark Elf. Dr. Weil then created the code named "Baby Elves", copies of the Dark Elf which he used to make Reploids turn Maverick and fight each other on a grand scale, plunging the world in chaos.

    With full support from the human government, Dr. Weil continued Project Elpizo and attempted to exert total control over all Reploids in the world by combining the Dark Elf with the Reploid Omega. Omega was constructed from a secret copy of the body of Zero because Dr. Weil believed that a body immune to infection would be the perfect weapon to end the Maverick Wars, or so he said...


    • Weapon combination system: 9 weapons and 4 elementals making total of 45 weapons.
    • Armor customization: just one armor right now. I might make one more armor.
    • Armor upgrades.
    • Cool Metroid style. :D
    • Co-Op mode: The AI of the bot during Co-Op mode with one player is bad and will be insanely hard to code properly. So a 2-player mode is more lkely to happen instead.
    • New characters available.
    • Mission objectives: objectives change during missions and depending on what you do.
    • Alternative endings.
    • Huge effort to make the game feel like the original.

    The most exciting part!

    An old screenshot

    Splash screen

    My logo

    Title screen

    A new objective!

    Objective accomplished!

    Killing a missile guy!

    Showing the nice visual effects wen shooting charged blasts.

    Putting on the armor

    Using the V-Dust, a missile packed with corrosive acid.

    Climbing a ladder

    The Main page of the menu

    The right papge: Mission

    The left page: Armor

    An old armor page.


    1. Fraot: Most graphics in the interface. Most of the work here.
    2. People at Web page is These guys are amazing and ripped many sprites. So, credits for the sprites go to them.
    1. Fraot: Some custom musics not played in the videos. But the game is supposed to have the entire soundtrack composed by me.
    2. People at Capcom like Yuki Iwai. Who inspired me to compose some of my musics arranging the awesome Soundtrack of Megaman X2.
    1. Nintendo for creating Metroid and inspiring me to make an awesome graphic style.
    1. Fraot: The whole game was made by me.
    2. A random guy in the Game Maker community that relased an open source engine of Megaman X and encouraged me to do my own one.
    Pokémon Pure Version. It's gone now. Buh-bye Nohmen Region! Nobody will miss you because no one had the chance to meet you.

    And also... a new Megaman X game is coming. Megaman X: Maverick Wars.
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