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    Name: Leety
    Password: LEAF STORM!!!! (Serperior's dream world ability gave it a +2 Special attack, woo!)
    Partners: Treecko, Leafeon
    Topic Answer:
    OHMYGODITWASSOHARDTOCHOOSE too many I love! :'D eh, I should probably calm down.
    Treecko is one of my favorite non-legendary types of all time really for huge reasons. Where to start, the introduction to Leaf Blade giving grass types more viability throughout the series. The gecko design on the evo line makes me want to squee like a girl, and PMD2 Grovyle is just simply amazing.
    Leafeon- being one of my favorite grass types of all time and also my favorite eeveelution Leafeon's design is just stunning for me. It's also quite reliable in battle as well as making a great companion for another Pokemon with it's back up support with moves like a sword dance and baton pass combination
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    Video game related top tens anyone?