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Skyarrow Bridge is great for hatching eggs on, because despite all the fancy angles, it's a straight path, so it means little effort for egg hatching. I wouldn't say it's my favourite bridge as such just because of that, though- I like Village Bridge because.. well, it's a village. On a bridge. And I think you can catch Braviary there or something, which is awesome.

Tubeline Bridge was also pretty cool- I remember when I was walking along and saw Ghetsis waiting for me at the end, I was genuinely spooked a little. I know, he's a 32x32 pixel sprite, but it looked pretty eerie and daunting, because the time of day was just before it was getting dark and.. yeah.

So overall, I like a lot of the bridges, though I suppose I actually frequent Skyarrow the most for hatching eggs.

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