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    Banned cos I'm excited about the get-together tomorrow.

    Meloetta: Alright, everything is quite wrong in here and hence we should hurry and clear outta here! Everyone, charge!
    Nineray: Searing Shot!
    Me: Thunder!
    Glacier: Ice beam!
    Meloetta: Psychic!
    Me: *phew*, we're done, at last. Now we must...what? Have you seen that guys?
    Others: Nope, what's up?
    Me: I'm sure I saw a trainer with a red cap up on that hill, it's undoubtedly Darkpokeball !!
    Nineray: Alright, that marks the spot. Onwards!

    ポケットモンスター RULEZ!!!
    Gotta experience 'em all!
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