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Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
This article really gives some insight

1UP: Was there any pressure from Nintendo to put the game on 3DS? I don't know how much clout Nintendo has when it comes to the development of the core Pokémon games, I'm just curious. Obviously, having a 3DS Pokémon game would be a huge incentive for millions of people to run out and buy a 3DS system. I was just wondering if you could speak to that at all.

JM: No. [laughs] Not really, in terms of pressure. When you think about video game systems, kids usually get them by getting money from their parents and then going to buy the systems, so a lot of time they can't have purchased the newest systems, the brand new gadget that comes out. With Pokémon, it's a game about communication. It's a communication tool. Because of that, the hardware with the most units out, the hardware that the most people have, really is a good fit for the Pokémon games, so more people can play with it and communicate with each other. That's something that Nintendo is very understanding about.
Is that really true? That the 3DS has more units sold than the DS?

I honestly was under the impression that the 3DS hadn't yet matched the DS in units sold.