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Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
Skyarrow Bridge is great for hatching eggs on, because despite all the fancy angles, it's a straight path, so it means little effort for egg hatching. I wouldn't say it's my favourite bridge as such just because of that, though- I like Village Bridge because.. well, it's a village. On a bridge. And I think you can catch Braviary there or something, which is awesome.
Vullaby/Rufflet are in the light grass, and the level switch between light and dark grasses actually makes sense as you'll find Lv.58-60 Mandibuzz/Braviary there. Both sets are version exclusive, mind. I wasn't through the E4 yet and got a trade for a Rufflet that was caught at Village Bridge.

Now that you mention it, having that bridge as a potential training area with a healing house on the same map is kinda cool.

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