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    Originally Posted by littlebrother View Post
    Is that really true? That the 3DS has more units sold than the DS?

    I honestly was under the impression that the 3DS hadn't yet matched the DS in units sold.
    Yes and no kinda.

    In terms of the article I think you misread. There saying there are more DS out there than 3ds. And if you look at the fact that the 3ds can play DS games there are more units out there that can play DS games than units that can only play 3ds games.

    Now I think I've read somewhere that the 3ds is selling better than the DS had when it first came out. I'm not sure where I read it.

    Look at it this way. Lets say sales equal a water leak in a million gallon tank.
    The 3ds is leaking at 4 gallons per hour , and the DS was leaking 2 million gallons per hour. While true that the 3ds is leaking more( selling more) the DS has been leaking(selling) since 2006 compared to the 3ds which has been since 2011. So there are more DS out there now, but give a couple of years and the 3ds should surpass it.

    Lol hope that illustration made sense