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"Now that was an ordeal." Angie thought to herself as she left the academy. "First we get attacked by some weirdos, they take the old man, then this Dragonite guy busts in. Come to think of it, he did look familiar. Was he famous or something?" She pushed aside these thoughts. Right now, it was time to focus on her journey.

Even though the gyms had to be done in groups, that didn't mean she had to travel with the others. She planned to just deal with them during the gym trials, and travel alone the rest of the way. There was no way she was going to spend all of her time hanging around those losers. Besides, she had to do things at her own pace. They would just hold her back.

Once getting to Route One, she let her newly acquired Eevee out of his Poke Ball. Even after that hectic situation, he looked cheerful. She picked him up to get a better look at him. "Now what am I going to call you?" She thought of a couple names in her head, and eventually settled on one. "How about Dante?" He seemed pleased by the choice. "Good. Dante it is." She grinned and put him back down on the ground. "Alright, let's get some training done so you can be tough for the first gym."

As they were walking the route, searching for Pokemon, a familiar bark stopped Angie in her tracks. She turned in the direction of the sound, and saw her beloved pet Poochyena. “Yena, what are you doing here?” She asked. “Did you want to see me?” There was a note attached to his collar. “Yena was really upset after you left. He’s more attached to you than he is to me, so I decided to release him into the wild so you could catch him yourself. I’m sure he would love joining you on your journey. –Dad” She beamed. "Great! Now you can come with me, too!" Yena yapped in happiness.

Seeing the excitement, Dante bounded towards them. He greeted Yena cheerfully. Yena, being faced with an unfamiliar Pokemon, took up a defensive stance and growled at the Eevee. "Oh relax, Yena. This is Dante, my starter Pokemon that I got from the lab. He's perfectly friendly." Yena wasn't convinced, and he eyed Dante suspiciously.

The Eevee, completely oblivious to Yena's cold attitude, tried having a conversation with him. <Hi! I'm Dante, It's super nice to meet you, buddy!> Yena continued to glare at him. <I don't trust you. Get away from Angie.> He responded. Dante looked confused. <Why? She's my trainer, so I have to stay with her.> Yena growled at him angrily. <I was her Pokemon before you! Don't try to replace me!> He lunged at the Eevee and tackled him to the ground.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Angie looked confused. "Why are you attacking him?" She threw a Poke Ball at Yena,, trying to stop him, but he smacked it aside with his tail. She sighed. "I guess I gotta make Dante fight back. I really hate to do this, but Yena is as stubborn as they come." The Eevee got back up from the attack. He was still a bit tired from the first battle, but still had some fight in him.

"Dante, use Tackle!" He ran at the Poochyena and tackled him with great force. Yena cringed. He could tell that Dante's Tackles were stronger than his. Trying to increase his power, he let out a loud Howl. Knowing that Dante probably last long, as she forgot to heal him after the previous battle, decided to just focus on offense. "Tackle again!" Once more, he dashed towards Yena and used Tackle. However, he managed to avoid the attack, and quickly countered with another Tackle of his own. Dante took the full brunt of the attack, and fell over in pain.

"Dante!" She ran over to him, concerned with his health. "Are you alright?" Slowly, Dante pushed himself up from the ground. He hadn't given up yet. "Thank goodness. Are you sure you still want to fight?" He nodded his head. Yena watched all of this, and started to have conflicting feelings. Maybe he shouldn't have started fighting. Angie genuinely cared about the other Pokemon, yet he wanted her attention all to himself.

"Alright, try one more Tackle!" Gathering up his strength, Dante sprinted at Yena. This time, he didn't try to dodge. He willingly took the attack. The force of the Tackle was strong, so he was knocked onto his back. He didn't try to get up though. He wanted to be captured now. Besides, even if he didn't, he didn't have much strength left, as the attack winded him. Seeing this as an opportunity, Angie once again threw a Poke Ball at him. It absorbed the Poocheyena, and began to rock back and forth.

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