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    Jimmy Vincent & Alice Crenshaw
    Academy Cafeteria

    Alice was listening to Rosalyn when all of a sudden the blonde girl was interrupted by a loud roar. Alice grabbed Jello and held him protectively, while Chuck almost choked on a soda can. Luckily his body was slime so he was okay. Rosalyn just hugged Jimmy having been also frightened by the blood-curling roar.

    "Y-Yeah...What...was that?" Alice said, and moved to sit next to Jimmy, "I'm scared...

    The rebellious-looking Raikou Dorm boy, however, wasn't as scared. He was slightly startled by the roar, but all it made him think was one thing. A powerful Pokémon was there. He thought of Zekrom, the dragon of ideals, which he had seen the day before, and smirked. But instinctly, he put one of his arms around Rosalyn, somewhat protectively. Kaida moved near Jimmy, but she wasn't scared at all, even though she was still a baby. In fact, the roar made her feel happy, and she wanted to know where it came from. She pulled Jimmy's jacket. Grim was unfazed, as always, and Starr hid under the table.

    Biff walked up to Kaida. "I know where it came from." the maroon Houndour said, "Let's get moving." Kaida nodded, and continued to pull on Jimmy's jacket.

    "What?" he asked grumpily, but body language from both Kaida and Biff made him realise and smiled evilly. He was proud of his team.

    "Let's get going." Jimmy said, "We're gonna see what this fuss is all about. I think there's a very strong Pokémon nearby."

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