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Julia Blackwood - Heroes' Loft
Julia watched Kiba as he talked, acknowledging him, making sure he could tell she was listening. However, she did not respond until he was finally done... Perhaps it was because she simply did not interupt, but when she /did/ respond all he got was a thoughtful "Huh...". She didn't know what to say! She was tempted to ask him why he thought he could communicate with her telepathically, but it seemed pretty heavily implied he didn't know. They were on the same page. He didn't know more than she did. Also, they were approaching Shadoan. The boy greeted them both and Julia greeted him in turn with an ever so friendly smile. That's okay, Shadoan! We'll just become one big love square~

"Hey..! We both offered to take the night shift for tonight. Jack's off doing something on his own... Would you mind taking the morning shift?" she asked, rather straight up. She was silently thinking of other things, Kiba related things. That wasn't to say she was dismissive. She just didn't beat around the bush, at least not this time. Though, she couldn't help but silently take note that Shadoan was foraging for his own dinner instead of taking advantage of the facilities. It wasn't her style personally. She tended to carry around a bit of food and drink in her purse. What better place than hammerspace that am I right?

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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