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Spark and Arc split up, there was no need to stay together for the plan to work. Arc was tasked with freeing the children, Spark would distract the gang. Spark's actual plan was to kill their leader to cripple the gang immensely, though she didn't want to tell Arc that.

The more I kill, cripple, or injure the less gangs there will be. She counted ten adults, all of them were sitting around a fire. Killing all of them would be the easiest way. The thought made her excited, and was tempting. She reached for her knife, Wait... What would Arc think if I just went around murdering adults. They can't all be savage. She remembered the guard that took care of her and Arc. She reached for the vial she kept around her neck, it held a liquid that would wipe her memory of everything after she was held captive at Eterna City.

Spark devised a new plan, to kill the leader and disable the others. She moved her hand away from the knife and decided to just paralyze them. She got into a sprinting position and readied her hand, I should send just enough to prevent them from moving but not talking, the lower the better. She sprinted around the circle, touching them just on their back.

All of them fell back, one even yelled "What the hell, I can't move." Spark set up some light bulbs and put enough electricity through them to give some light. She walked around sitting every member up in the circle.

She put out the fire and stood at the center of the circle, "Well guys, it seems like you've captured some children." She pulled out her knife and put an electrical current through it, giving off enough light to show her face, "Do I look happy to see that?" Many of the men fearfully said no, "I didn't think so, now should I kill all of you?"

Some of the men said some curse words, others pleaded for their life, "How about this, you tell me who your leader here is, and I'll only take his life." She walked around the circle, "ever hear of a game called psyduck, psyduck, golduck? Lets play my version!" She clapped her hands, "When I get to the leader you yell goose! If I get around two times without finding the golduck then I guess the psyducks will have to do." She started walking around them touching one man's head, after no response she said "psyduck" She did this to the other nine men.

"It doesn't seem like you guys are playing with me!" She pretended to frown, "That makes me sad, don't you all want to live?" She started with the first man again, "Last time, next time I'll shock you just enough so you'll feel pain but won't die, then after that I'll slit your throats." She tossed her knife up and caught it.

She began round two, again the first guy was a psyduck, then the second, then the third. One even said, "We wouldn't tell a wench like you." She sighed and stabbed her knife in the leg of the man. He screamed loudly but still looked her in her eye.

"Well you are a brave one huh. I don't think you're the leader here though, you can't be." She pulled the knife out and wiped the blade down with his shirt, "Well he isn't playing well, I think he should be put on time-out!" She kicked him in the head, knocking him out. She continued her second round with no other problems. "You guys aren't very fun to play with, I'm getting impatient." She stamped her foot pretending to be angry, "I know! Why don't we put a timer on this!" She went to where the gang kept their belongings, she found some oil for lamps and gas for cars They must have a truck! She poured the gas and oil all over the ring of men. "After this round I'll light the oil and gas, If the leader isn't found then you'll all have you're all going to be fried!" She started again, getting no results.

"Oh well." She sparked her knife and was about to plunge it into the gas when suddenly one of the men yelled, "No! No! It is the one right in front of me, please don't kill us all!" Spark smiled and walked up to the man, she thanked him and punched him in the cheek.

"Is this man telling the truth?" All of the men looked away, trying not to give it away. "Very well, I guess he was." She walked up to the man he was talking about and slew him. "Even the most loyal members of a group will betray you, I hope you guys have learned that." She sheathed her knife and walked off, shouting behind her "I hope none of you are smokers!" I told Arc to meet me outside with the captured children, I hope he is there.
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