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    Rosalyn Smith
    Academy Cafeteria

    Rosalyn blushed faintly when Jimmy put an arm around her protectively. She was sure he wasn't fully aware of what he had done, so she wasn't going to say any to him. She was very happy to have his arm around her. "I wonder what it was" she said calming slightly. "Whatever it was, it's probably big and angry" she added returning, Melody, Swampy, Silver and Belle to their Pokeballs, Jazz refused to go back into his.

    Glancing up at Jimmy she saw he had an evil smile on his face, but she wasn't fazed by it, in a way she thought it was kinda cute, but there was no way she was going to tell him that. "o-okay, I just hope it's not to dangerous, I don't want anyone to get hurt"

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