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    Welcome to Pokecommunity iSketch!

    Hello, and welcome to the PC's Get Together iSketch thread! iSketch is like an online version of Pictionary, where you use your mouse/trackpad/tablet/what have you to draw pictures based on the words you're given and have people guess the word!
    No artistic abilities required! The theme of course, will be Pokemon!

    You'll find the games hosting from here where it says 'PCX iSketch Event'.
    How To Play

    When you start a game of iSketch, the game automatically selects someone to be the drawer, and everyone else is guessers. The drawer will have one (or more!) words that they can choose to try and draw, and the guessers try to guess what the picture is! If your guess is close or contains one of the words, the game will tell you that you're on the right track! Drawers get 10 points if at least one person guesses right, and an additional point for each other person that gets the answer right. On the flip side, the first person that gets the right answer gets 10 points, the second gets 9, and on and on all the way to 5. Once the points get down to 5, they stay there, so everyone will at least get some points! There are usually 10 to 15 rounds to play, so if you have a bad round guessing, don't give up. You can really catch up if there are a lot of people in the room and you draw something easy!

    Quick note for the drawers: iSketch doesn't want people not being at the computer and making everyone wait the full time when they're drawing, so they only give you about 5 seconds to draw something. When its your turn to draw, just click in the drawing box to make a little dot or something so the game knows that you're there. Happy drawing!

    Note, the round will end when any of the following occurs:

    Time runs out.
    The artist decides to end the round. This is done by clicking SKIP or DONE.
    The artist doesn't draw anything within the first 20 seconds.
    After a set time (usually 20 seconds) following the first correct guess.
    If enough players press the "Warn Artist" button when the artist violates any drawing rule.
    If any rule is violated and the artist is skipped over by an administrator.

    You can take a look at isketch's drawing page:


    And this has all the commands:


    Do not give away the answer by writing it in the chatbox (if you are the Guesser; an exception to this is if you do it by accident) or in the drawing box (if you are the Artist). Doing so takes all the fun out of guessing. If you want to show how many letters/words there are in the word/phrase, use the Hint box rather than draw it.

    RESPECT OTHERS. Even if someone's a lousy guesser/artist/whatever, it's not nice to make fun of them for being that way.

    No drawing/writing genitalia/anything sexually suggestive/etc. on the drawing board. You will be immediately kicked from the room. HOWEVER, you may write it in the guessing/chat boxes, but try not to do so too often. There are people who are uncomfortable with those sorts of things, after all.

    You may only use one browser to play. However, if there are two or more users with the same IP they won't be kicked unless it can be proven they're the same person.

    Cursing's allowed; just try not to go overboard with it, OK?
    iSketch Handle

    You can use your own username for iSketch, or you can make up one! But please, post your handle (and username) using the following format (note: you do not have to register a username.) :

    iSketch Handle:

    PokeSketch Participant!

    You came along and joined in the fun during the PokéCommunity 10th Anniversary Get Together!

    Hoppip, Hurray!

    You won a game of the PokéSketch during the PokéCommunity 10th Anniversary Get Together! Bravo!

    PokéSketch Master!

    You sketching skills during the PokéCommunity 10th Anniversary Get Together were unmatched! You truly are a PokéSketch Master!

    Times are EST. A Timezone converter can be found here which you can use to find out when the games are on for you!

    7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

    11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    Late Night
    10:00 PM - 12:00 AM


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