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PCX's Writing Competition
Judged bu Astinus, icomeanon6, and Dragonfree

Welcome everyone to PCX's Small Writing Competition! Ready to write a story based on this year's prompt that will impress the three judges and the rest of PC? Great!

But first, a few rules to keep in mind.


1.) Follow PC's rules and Fanfiction and Writing's rules.
2.) The stories written for this competition must be completely new. In other words, they must not have been written before and not posted anywhere else until judging is over.
3.) You must PM your entries to all of the judges. (This is so if someone loses their PMs the others still have them and so forth). The judges in question are Astinus, icomeanon6, and Dragonfree. You also must post in this thread when you send your PMs so we can confirm you did send us an entry.
4.) One entry per member only, sorry.
5.) You have until the end of the the PCX event timeslot to send in your entry: 11:59 PM EST on Sunday September 30
6.) The story can be based on Pokemon or be original fiction. Note the judges may not all be familiar with any other fandoms.
7.) The entry can only be a completed one-shot as this is a small writing competition - no chaptered entries, please!
8.) Please don't publicly post your stories until the competition is over! Once the scores are posted and the competition is over, you may post your story in Fanfiction and Writing so that others may see it. Make sure to add [SWC] to your title if you do!

If you have any other questions, ask away!


Each entry can have a maximum score of 30, with the points broken down into three categories equaling 10 points in total like in previous years. The categories are:

Spelling and Grammar
Characterization, Plot, and Description
Relevance to Prompt

The prompt is "secrets", so good luck with making use of that in your story!

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

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