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    Olivia Jane Niwri

    Warmth, that was the one sensation above all others that Olivia could define. Heat from fire, friction, blood? She didn’t know. A faint high pitch whine sounded from somewhere within the confines of the shuttle. The EXO flickered to life, struggling to initiate its rebooting cycle. Blackness permeated her vision, the suit’s optical enhancements had shut down. She wouldn’t be able to see a thing until the helmet was removed.

    “System error, system error,” The incessant reminder from her EXO that something was amiss. Olivia groped for the helmet release blindly, her armor clad hands struggling to press the switch. With a faint hiss of depressurization, her helmet lifted itself to reveal her surroundings. Chaos couldn’t even begin to describe it.

    “Dammit,” Olivia muttered to nobody in particular, the only thing that could come to mind at the time. Struggling to recall to mind what happened, her mind tried to process the scene around her. It was as if somebody opened up hell and brought it to the surface. Sulfuric air forced itself into her lungs, the life sustaining breath acidic and rancid on the way down. The urge to vomit was strong and she did her best to contain it, until she couldn’t any longer.

    Forcing herself to her knees, she attempted mightily to lift herself from the prone position in the shuttle. What she wouldn’t give for a toothbrush right about now. The last traces of the vile substance escaped her body. The atmosphere becoming even more repugnant. Her left side above the hip ached badly. Again that feeling returned above all others, warmth.

    “System error, system error.”

    With a mighty groan and monumental exertion, she lifted herself to stand on her feet. The EXO taking on the brunt of the effort, if it wasn’t for that, she would probably still be flat on her back or worse. She had to get out of this shuttle. In order to think clearly, she needed air, fresh air.

    A rupture in the hull presented her that opportunity, escape at last. The alien world presented itself to her in unceremonious glory. This wasn’t exactly how she planned this to go, then again, she was sure nobody did.

    A large EXO suit was nearby, much larger than hers in almost every conceivable way, was busy cutting down....grass? At least it looked like grass, the blue green turf representing greatly the kind she had seen on Earth, only much higher. Why was he cutting down grass? Surely that wouldn’t be the most productive thing to do right now. In her opinion at least.

    Smoke inhalation left her throat rubbed raw, her voice weak and raspy as she called over to the individual, “H-hey! Why are you busy murdering plants?! There could still be survivors in there! You me!” She let aggravation seep into her tone at the end. Her normal meek temperament aggravated by the incident. Here he is mowing the yard, he could have very well been in good enough shape to go assist some of the others who could be trapped inside.

    Giving herself a few seconds to recuperate and breathe before trying to go back inside herself. She decided to wait for his response, safely out of the reach of his massive swords.
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