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Welcome, welcome! Do you think you have what it takes? Are you knowledgeable in various subjects? Just know random facts? This is the PCX Trivia Challenge and we would like to challenge you to answer as many questions as you can. There might be a prize in it for you! Your hosts for this fabulous event are Retro Bug, Shining Raichu, and RetroRoller.
How To Play

It’s really simple, the questions are listed below in a spoiler tag. Look over them and answer each of them by yourself then you will send them in a PM to each of the host. This event is only open from September 24th through September 30th so we will not accept anything after September 30th. Your results can only be submitted to Retro Bug, Shining Raichu, and RetroRoller if you wish to have them counted.

Our number one rule is: Don’t Cheat. Yes, we know how easy it is to Google/search an answer but that takes the fun out of it! So, please don’t cheat and ruin this event.

Ask, right away! If you feel like any of the questions are unclear or you cannot decipher it.

No Teamwork. This is an individual challenge you may not work with anyone else. Now the voices in your head may be able to help you out.

No Complaints. Yeah, just don’t do it. It’s that simple.

You must post in this thread saying that you are entering. Don't post your answers here. They must be sent in a PM to each of the host.
There are a total of 50 questions and each question are worth a different amount of points. The highest amount of points you can earn is 170. Since we know that sometimes you can't remember things exactly there are leniency points if we feel like you deserve it. This means you should try and answer every single that we throw at you. You have an almost entire week before we need your results so there's no need for you to rush through them. Please, take your time and think things out and when we say think we mean think not search for the answers.
1. Which judge of the UK X Factor judged the show from 2004 to 2007?

2. The Statue of Liberty was made in what country?

3. Which mountain is geographically the second tallest?

4. Microsoft Windows discontinued Windows 1.0 in what month in 2011?

5. The percentage of water in cabbage is?

6. Which continent is made up of only one country?

7. An extremist from which country made an attempt on the life of then English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher?

8. What is the name of Madonna’s first single?

9. [Re-read Number #8] In what 2004 movie was this question asked and answered incorrectly during a trivia night?

10. The Nintendo Virtual Boy was criticized for inducing what kind of ailment to gamers?

11. What is the title of the most viewed Youtube video of all time?

12. The Native American word for “Big Village” is what country?

13. What is the first place you visit in Kanto where you are able to catch a wild Pikachu?

14. What three onomonatopoic sounds are associated with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies?

15. How many Pokémon evolve through a Moon Stone?

16. Name the continent without any reptiles or snakes?

17. Which famous bridge lies in the city of San Francisco?

18. When was the computer named Time Magazine's "Man of the Year"?

19. Apple was co-founded by two men named Steve. What are their last names?

20. What city is the capital of New York?

21. Name the region in France in which champagne is produced.

22. What’s the only continent without a desert?

23. Complete the sentence: Ronald McDonald’s best friends are Birdie, Grimace, and ____.

24. Name the three Kardashian sisters

25. In recent news, an 11 year old has won $20,000 at an AT&T hackathon for creating a mobile application for what purpose?

26. Stefan Gordy and Skyler Gordy make up the duo known as?

27. How many dark-type (dual typing included) Pokémon are there as of Generation V?

28. What’s the name of the first Gym Leader that accompanies Ash on his journey in the Pokémon Anime?

29. Name the song whose music video showed clips of Pokémon: The First Movie?

30. Which family do almonds belong to?

31. When did the App Store for Apple iTunes open?

32. What is the other name for the bell peppers?

33. What Pokémon’s Japanese name is Livolt?

34. Safari, Firefox, and Opera are all examples of what?

35. Name the two types of Pokémon that were introduced in Generation II.

36. What was the biggest selling album of 2011?

37. What are the two words that make up “WiFi”?

38. In the hit series Glee which two characters have moved to New York in the fourth season?

39. Which Pokémon has the gender symbols in its name?

40. What year did the Apple iPhone come out?

41. If a skunk sprays you you are told to bathe in what?

42. What are the six types of simple machines?
43. Name the creator of Pokémon

44. What is the name of the city built on seven hills?

45. What food is said to scare vampires away?

46. What vital piece of equipment was needed for players to trade Pokémon in the first two generations of Pokémon games?

47. Which 2012 movie surpassed all forecasts to become the third highest grossing movie of all time at the American box office?

48. What popular condiment used to be called “Sauce of Mahon”?

49. Which celebrity has the most Twitter followers?

50. What is McDonald’s slogan?

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