Thread: [Gen V] my ghost team. help?
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    Hey so ummmm i need some help. Im having a type battle with a mate and i drew ghost and he got water. I need some help with movesets and natures for team. If any pokemon changes u can c please tell me:

    Gengar - modest
    Shadow ball
    Energy ball
    Focus blast
    Sludge bomb

    Jellicent - bold - cursed body
    Shadow ball
    Water spout

    Froslass - calm - snow cloak
    Double team
    Destiny bond

    Banette - jolly - insomnia
    Shadow claw
    Trick room

    Dusknoir - i am still in the prosess of getting his prevolution
    Nature - ?
    Moveset - ?

    Cohagrigus - no idea lol

    I kno that my mates team will consist of milotic, politoad, kingdra, lapras, gyaridos and one other

    In my team i want spirit tomb but not sure. Help???