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PC history quiz
Hosted by Forever
What does this event involve?

Love PC? Here's a quiz about it! To celebrate 10 years, this is a quiz which asks 100 questions! The catch is that you'll need to PM me your answers and not post them here. If you do I'll probably cry - or be disappointed, whichever fits. :3

If you answer just one half of the question you get only one point, answer the question fully and you'll get all the points. Every "when" question will relate to both the month and year.

Oh and guess what? If you need help, you're free to ask just one staff member up to three questions, if they don't know, too bad, you'll have to find it on your own. And as to whether that staff member will want to answer is also unknown, too! Obviously you cannot ask me, either. However if I find out you've asked more than three questions you'll be disqualified, sorry! It's just because a lot of these are really hard and you may need some help. There's a few staff members who'll know certain questions but I won't specify them. Also if you're asking, don't do it publicly please. You can only ask that one staff member, too, so choose wisely.
Tier 4 PC supportership! And emblems for those who participate.

1. What forum software was PC originally on? (1pt)

2. When was the T-Dome approved and what WAS the T-Dome? (2pts)

3. Who was the PC President and PC Vice President of 2004? (2pts)

4. Who was the villain in April Fools 2006 and what did he do? (2pts)

5. Which current staff member was modded a few days after April Fools 2008, and why is this an important fact to note? (2pts)

6. What were two of PC's other URLs other than during 2006/2007? (3pts)

7. When were name changes removed and which three users got special name changes in 2012? (3pts)

8. Which Staff Admin has hosted most of PC's Get-Togethers? (1pt)

9. How many people (no names needed) managed to find 56 eggs in 2011's Easter Egg Hunt? (1pt)

10. Name three "censors" and what the words really meant in April Fools 2011. (3pts)

11. Which month and year were post comments removed, then re-added? (1pt)

12. Who was 2012's April Fools villain and what did he do? (2pts)

13. Who made the MotY voting thread in 2010? (1pt)

14. When was the New Users/Welcome Adoption Center first launched? (1pt)

15. When was the Battle Center made and how many mods did it have upon creation? (2pt)

16. Name the one coincidental similarity between Serebii and PC's Black and White forum. (3pts)

17. When was the Black 2 and White 2 forum made and where was it originally? (2pts)

18. When was Fourth Generation Games made? (1pt)

19. When was the Trade Shops subforum made? (1pt)

20. Which was the first challenge approved in the Challenges Forum? (2pts)

21. Which moderator introduced Pokemon Voting Polls? (1pt)

22. When was the Run, Suicune, Run, event hosted in Pokemon Anime? (2pts)

23. When was Pokemon Groups renamed to Pokemon Clubs? (1pt)

24. Who hosted the first Pokemon Prettiest Profile Contest? (2pts)

25. When were the current Pokemon Trading Card Game rules created? (1pt)

26. What was Pixel Art called around 2006? (2pts)

27. When was reputation reintroduced and then taken away? (3pts)

28. Who posted the announcement on Social Groups being removed? (1pt)

29. Which Staff Admin was known as PC's meanest admin? (3pts)

30. Who mods Fanfiction and Writing? (1pt)

31. Who modded the Roleplay Corner before Skymin? (1pt)

32. What was the April Fools joke Emulation played in the past? (2pts)

33. When was the Pokemon Essentials forum created? (1pt)

34. What forum did the higher staff mod for a day on April Fools 2011? (1pt)

35. Who was the mod of Video Gaming at the time of the Let's Play forum being introduced? (1pt)

36. What was the Internet subforum of Technology & Internet called? (1pt)

37. Who mods Japanese Entertainment? (1pt)

38. Who won the romance-themed review contest of Culture and Media a few months back? (1pt)

39. Which three ex-staff members were smodded in August 2010 and on what date? (4pts)

40. What was Tabletop Games called before it was renamed? (1pt)

41. Name the subforum of Other Chat & Discussions that hosted a certain sticky thread? (1pt)

42. When was the current LBGT club created and who made it originally? (2pts)

43. When was The Count to Infinity made? (1pt)

44. Who hosted PC Clue in 2007? (1pt)

45. Who won the first Poll of the Week when Sammi reintroduced it most recently? (1pt)

46. Who won the first recent Speed Trading event in Trade Corner? (1pt)

47. Who was the 300,000th member, according to the current member count? (1pt)

48. Who designed the Flames of Simplicity style? (1pt)

49. Name someone who received the "Ley-roo" emblem. (1pt)

50. Who won the Pokemon Clubs review challenge? (1pt)

51. What was the first Pokemon featured in Pokemon Trivia's Who's That Pokemon? (1pt)

52. Name someone who successfully completed the 12 days of Poetry event. (1pt)

53. Who won the Black and White Cover Design Contest? (1pt)

54. Who made the Competitive Dictionary in Battle Center? (1pt)

55. When was Competitive Battle Center's last "Community Night" held? (1pt)

56. Who won the Pacman Video Gaming Contest? (1pt)

57. When was the Challenge forum's first event held and what was it about? (2pts)

58. Who created the PokeCommunity Icon Wall? (1pt)

59. Name someone who has dominated #thepokecommunity's stats, earning themself a emblem. (1pt)

60. What was the name of the Get Together 8's emblem for the IRC event? (1pt)

61. Name a hack that has won Hack of the Year. (1pt)

62. Name who won Member of the Year 2011. (1pt)

63. What does Applesauce Day mean? (1pt)

64. Who won the Pixel Art contest in Get Together 8? (1pt)

65. Who designed the Chromatic style? (1pt)

66. Who created PokeCommunity? (1pt)

67. What was the religion one of the PC Staff Admins joked about being the God of? (1pt)

68. Who drew the art for the Bewitched style? (2pts)

69. Which three smods were promoted to smod recently? (3pts)

70. When was the HEY AUSAUDRIEL social group made? (2pts)

71. When did Lightning get modded on PC? (1pt)

72. When was the database reset due to a crazy amount of database errors? (1pt)

73. Why was Lightning promoted to smod? (1pt)

74. What was the old term for Assistant Admins? (1pt)

75. What year were the improved supporter benefits added? (1pt)

76. When were infractions added? (1pt)

77. When were weekly polls introduced in B/W? (1pt)

78. When were McPadding and McBorders introduced? (1pt)

79. Why did Mr Cat Dog leave PC in 2004? (3pts)

80. When was the Other Trivia rule against thread monopolies added? (1pt)

81. When was the updated Style Switcher added? (1pt)

82. What happens on St Patricks day at PC? (1pt)

83. What special occasion had the most amount of replies in the celebrations forum? (1pt)

84. When was the last time the signature rules were altered? (1pt)

85. What letter did most users consider useless in 2010? (2pts)

86. Which ROM hack by a username starting with Z has brought arguably most users to PC? (1pt)

87. Which member suggested we all should live on a smiley faced island? (2pts)

88. Which Pokemon is displayed when PC receives a Database Error? (2pts)

89. Who was the first person to reach 30,000 posts that add to post count? (2pts)

90. Who is userid "2"? (1pt)

91. What was the 5th thread on this version of PC about? (2pts)

92. When in 2006 were account merges happening a lot? (2pts)

93. Who made The Johto Elite? (1pt)

94. When was Sammi-san modded? (2pts)

95. When was the cheat codes sticky posted within Advance Generation Games in 2004? (2pts)

96. Which ex-moderator was modded on Christmas Day one year? (1pt)

97. Name an ex-moderator who was modded four months after joining. (2pts)

98. Who made Pokemon Sprite Discussion? (1pt)

99. How many Get-Togethers has PC had? (2pts)

100. How many years has PC existed for? (1pt, -10pts if you get it wrong)

Your own very Pokémon story is about to unfold.
You'll face fun times and tough challenges.
A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!