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Swap Meet Challenge
GTX challenge event hosted by Sydian and Myrrhman
dates running: 9.24.12 - 10.5.12

What better way for challengers to get together this year than training each others Pokemon! You heard me right. In this challenge, you'll be using your fellow challengers' Pokemon. You'll sign up (which has more in-dept explanation later on in this post) and then you need to get your third badge in your game, but make sure by then, you have a party of 6. After the third badge, you'll be trading your team for someone else's team after every badge, eventually ending with your team after the 8th badge, so you get to see what became of your team. So, ready to get this event started? Keep on reading!

Emulator and Wi-Fi Rules
1. If you are playing on an emulator, you can only sign up for games in Gen I - III. If you're playing your actual cart, only Gen IV games will be allowed, as gen IV currently has 5 main games.
2. You will be put in groups of 6 (if we have a problem with sign up numbers, this will change, however the concept will still be the same regardless) and have an assigned letter. This letter will show you when and who you will trade with. The formula will essentially be this:
After 3: A <> B, C <> D, E <> F
After 4: A <> D, B <> E, C <> F
After 5: A <> F, B <> C, D <> E
After 6: A <> B, C <> D, E <> F
After 7: A <> D, B <> E, C <> F
After 8: A <> F, B <> C, D <> E

3. Remember, you need to have a team of 6 by the time you get your third badge, because after you obtain your badge, you need to trade your team off.
4. When you name your in-game character, please use your username as your name. That way, people can know whose team is whose.
5. You are allowed to hack in 3 Pokemon to add to your team. This is to help prevent all the teams from being too similar since you only have up until the third gym to gather 6. Hack them in at the appropriate level for whatever route you're on.
6. Challenge is finished after defeating the Champion, even in gen II games.
7. Please do NOT post updates! We want the teams to remain a secret. The only update that is mandatory is when you have 5 badges. Just don't post your current team. We only need to know when you sign up, are ready to trade, have five badges, and are finished. Please post your final team however! We'd love to see!
8. When you get your team back to face the Elite Four, you cannot change your Pokemon's moveset through TM or move tutor. HMs are fine and level up moves are fine. But if you change the movesets too much and make them to your liking, you remove a bit of the challenge.
9. HM slaves are allowed.

Note: For emulators, you're going to be .sav file swapping essentially, and not technically trading. Myrrhman will be handling all the .sav file swapping. Make sure you're able to email your .sav file. The email being used is [email protected]!

Don't play on an emulator? Don't wanna do the Wi-Fi trading? Not a lot of time on your hands? Never fear, for we have another version of this challenge for you to play! Aren't you so lucky?

In-Game Trade Challenge
1. You may only use Pokemon from in-game trades or gift Pokemon. You can also trade over Pokemon from another game or a friend can trade them, however you can only trade a maximum of two Pokemon over. They cannot be in eggs. Make sure they're not too far ahead in level in comparison to what Pokemon you already have.
List of in-game trades & list of gift Pokemon
2. This version of the challenge is for any main game.
3. You must have at least 2 in-game trade Pokemon on your team.
4. Challenge is finished after you beat Blue/Red/Steven/Wallace/Cynthia/Ghetsis/Iris and obtain all gift and in-game trade Pokemon. You don't have to use them all, just make sure you have them.
5. Unlike emu/wf players, you are free to update your progress. An update after obtaining your 5th badge is mandatory.
6. HM slaves are allowed.

Note: If you are too late to sign up for the emulator or Wi-Fi version of the challenge, if you still want to participate, you'll have the in-game version as your only option.

Emulator Sign-Up
Game: (Gen I-III only)

Wi-Fi Sign-Up
Game: (Gen IV only)
Friend Code: (edit into your sign up after obtaining it)

In-Game Sign-Up

Sign ups for the emulator and Wi-Fi challenges will end at 11:59 on September 25th Central Time (GMT -6). If you want to participate after that, you can only do the in-game version of this challenge. When you sign up, feel free to start your challenge. If you're emu/wf, you'll be placed into groups accordingly. Myrrhman will be running the .sav file swaps for emulator players and if you're doing Wi-Fi, you're kind of on your own to set up trade times with whoever you need to trade with. If you do not have the time for the file swapping and trading, I strongly recommend signing up for the in-game version! Letting down group members isn't nice!

There will be an emblem for this challenge! Just one, since this isn't a competition. I haven't made it yet, but rest assured, I'll get on it when I can. Because of GT being during school, you will get the emblem as long as you get at least 5 badges in your challenge. However, if you're on an emulator or doing Wi-Fi trading, please don't let your group down by ducking out after your 5th badge!

And with that, let the games begin!

Sydian - Sapphire
Luigi-san - Crystal
johnny18 - Black 2
wildy11 - Crystal
-ty- - Yellow
vaporeon7 - Red
tajaros - Yellow
jdthebud - Yellow
Alternative - SoulSilver
Kenshin5 - HeartGold
KoboraX - LeafGreen

Good luck to everyone! Love,

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