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    With Pikachu's ball in hand, Becky quickly made her way back to the Pokemon Center. There was no way she could continue with him in such a poor condition. Once inside, she placed the Poke Ball on the counter. "I need you to take care of this Pikachu." She told the nurse. "I found it as a stray and it's in bad condition."

    "We get quite a few strays around here unfortunately." The nurse replied. "Don't worry. We'll make sure it's healthy again." She took the Pokemon to be looked at by the other nurses. She also took Bayou and Tiny's Poke Balls to the normal healing station. Becky got them back after a short amount of time, but it was quite a while before Pikachu was ready to come back out. The nurse rolled him out on a cart, where he was eating a bowl of Pokemon food. "Glad to see you're alright." Becky smiled. He was in much better shape than before, as he was clean, healthy, and being fed. However, he still had a look of sadness about him.

    "I think I know this Pokemon." The nurse remarked. "Not too long ago a trainer came by this town with a Pikachu. He had just lost a battle, and was very upset with the Pokemon, so he ended up releasing it in the city. I remember this because one of my friends witnessed it, and tried to convince the boy otherwise. Unfortunately, he didn't listen, and abandoned the Pikachu. My friend tried to take care of it, but it ran away from her."

    "Wow. So that's what happened? How terrible." Becky responded. "No wonder he looks so sad. I bet he still remembers his old trainer." She lightly petted him. "It'll probably take a while before he gets used to you, so you should try keeping him out of his Poke Ball for a while." The nurse suggested. Becky nodded in agreement.

    After thanking the nurses, she made her way out of the Pokemon Center. The Pikachu followed along behind her. "So what should we do first?" She pondered aloud. There wasn't too much to do in the town, now that she thought about it. Perhaps she should just continue on with the journey. Just as she decided to proceed to the next route, she passed by the Gym. There was a big poster taped to the front wall. [Open Challenge! Think you've got what it takes to face Norman? One-on-one battles with Norman for a limited time only. Now accepting all challengers!] Naturally, Becky was interested. Gym Leaders were some of the strongest trainers around. It would be exciting to face one in battle. Without hesitation, she made her way inside.

    The Gym resembled a traditional dojo, which one would normally associate with Fighting-types, but Norman specialized in Normal-types. The Fighting Gym was back in Dewford. Inside, she could see Norman, who was saying goodbye to a young trainer. The kid looked upset, so he probably lost the battle. Next to the Gym Leader was a huge Slaking laying on the floor. No wonder the kid lost.

    Realistically, Becky had no chance of winning the fight. A Slaking was easily stronger than all of her Pokemon combined. But, for Becky, there was no turning back now. Norman had already seen her enter. Her pride wouldn't let her run away. So, she just kept on going forward.

    "Oh, hello there." Norman greeted. "You must be here to take the challenge as well." He gave a tired smile. He must have had a lot of challengers today.

    "Yes, I am." She said. "I've always wanted to fight a Gym Leader."

    "Good, well now you can. I'm warning you though, this battle is pretty tough. You're going to have a hard time if you're a new trainer."

    "I know, but I'm ready to do my best! I'm mostly doing this for battle experience, anyway." She admitted.

    "At least you have a good attitude about it. Will you be using your Pikachu?" He noticed him standing behind her.

    "No, he's just going to watch. I'll use a different Pokemon."

    "Well I'm using this Slaking right here, so whenever you're ready, we can begin."

    After a brief moment of thought, Becky pulled out one of her Poke Balls. "Let's go, Tiny!" The Slakoth emerged from her Poke Ball, looking as lazy as ever. Norman grinned. "I see you have good taste. I'll let you have the first move."

    "Alright. Tiny, use Yawn!" The Slakoth opened her mouth and let out a loud yawn. This caused the Slaking to get drowsy and yawn as well. "Good strategy." Norman said. "But will it be good enough? Use Swagger, Slaking." The Slaking let out a loud roar, which confused Tiny, but also gave it more power. "This could either be to my advantage, or it could be my demise." She thought.

    "Alright, now use Scratch!" Tiny didn't respond though. She was too distracted by her own thoughts. Luckily, the Slaking was slaking off as well. After a bit of that, the Slaking fell asleep, and Tiny finally looked ready to move again. "Like I said, use Scratch." She readied her claws and prepared to strike, but she ended up hitting herself instead. Becky sighed. "Focus, Tiny. You need to hit Slaking, not yourself."

    After another period of waiting, Tiny was finally ready to fight again. This time she actually managed to Scratch the Slaking. However, it didn't have any reaction to being hit. Even with increased attack from the Swagger, it still did next to no damage. However, since it was still asleep, this gave Tiny another opportunity to attack. This Scratch also hit, but it also did next to no damage.

    This time, the Slaking woke up. "Well that was a nice nap." Norman remarked. "Okay Slaking, use Faint Attack." He lazily lifted one of his arms into the air, then brought it down hard on Tiny. She looked badly damaged from the attack. "Quickly, use Rest!" Becky urged. The Slakoth instantly fell asleep at the command. Becky then pulled out an Awakening from her bag, and sprayed it on Tiny while Slaking was relaxing.

    "You've been using some good strategies in this battle. I'm impressed that a new trainer like you has lasted this long." Norman smiled. "However, I think it's time we brought this battle to a close. Slaking, use Chip Away." The Slaking raised its arms and slammed them down powerfully, instantly knocking out Tiny.

    Becky was impressed by the strength of the Slaking's attack. "Someday, Tiny will get to this level of power as well." She thought to herself as she called back Tiny to her Poke Ball. Pikachu, who was watching the whole time, was also impressed. Not only with the Slakoth, but also with Becky. She handled the battle very well, even though she knew defeat was inevitable. She didn't get upset or mad at Tiny at all, but seemed proud of her hard work. If only his old trainer had been like this.

    Norman walked up to Becky and shook her hand. "You did a good job, trainer. You may not have won the battle, but that was only due to the level difference. With your smarts and some more training, you could take on the Gyms easily. Also, I don't think you ever said your name."

    "Oh, sorry about that. My name is Becky!"

    "Well it was a pleasure meeting you, Becky. After you get a few badges, come back and fight me again. I look forward to seeing you then."

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