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Originally Posted by SSJboku View Post
Hey guys, I can't find enigma berry....can someone tell me where it is ??
It's in Berry Shop.

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Well, completed the first Gym. Being a mapper, I took screenshots all the way through (and have of every area so far). About to embark on Route 404 with my Running Shoes, which I now know come from the guy who blocks the way (Mom? ). Here's a map of the first Gym.


What I find interesting about this, and notable, are the beehives scattered about hanging on the trees. I nearly jumped out of my seat when I realized these honeypots trigger battles with Wild Combee (Lv.8-10 is the general range, I believe). Almost like a built-in way to train against one of the exact Pokémon held by the three junior trainers, and kinda cool actually. The thing that I find interesting is that each hive does not disappear after battles, like I would have expected. Could there have been fewer? Perhaps, but I still think it's a neat idea.

I also noticed you get a preview of the Leader's (Jessica) highest-level Pokémon, the Lv.22 Vespiquen, before you commence battle. Again, a bit different, and takes advantage of the big platforms that Gym Leaders usually stand on.

I had a nice team of birds, firemen, and the occasional lightning rod. Therefore, I was able to get through here in splendid fashion.

EDIT: Well, that euphoria didn't last long.

As you can see, first I'm hanging out at the top of the tree instead of walking behind it; quickest I've ever climbed a tree. If you try walking behind it, you go over the tiles instead of behind. The second shot next to the tree is related to the four grass patches in the top row next to it; going south, you walk on top of the first patch before going through it in the lower rows. Going north, you seem to still go through it at least going into the top row, or left/right in the row. Just a minor graphical glitch.

I'm also secretly wishing the Moomoo Milk house featured an NPC to rest your Pokémon since Gold is dead ahead on the path...but that's me.

Nothing personal, but why analyzing something we know? =D

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Oooh. Decided to random-headbutt an NPC tree while wandering around back to Central City (for exercise ) and located a Scyther. That deserves an Ultra Ball, I'll say. However, the one in the golden beehive area of Inhore Woods does not work. You can't Cut the twig either.

EDIT: Ooh! Just came across the dual Snorlax on the bridge. Brilliant animating as well. Hate to point out that after the Honey Lady script goes through its process that the woman walks down the path and stalls somewhere on Route 405. She appears absent-minded and just says the same thing she said a moment earlier standing at the bridge, and doesn't seem in a hurry to get back to the city:

If you leave to Route 404 and return to this spot, she's gone, however, like she should be. Also, I haven't uploaded the image of what happens when you speak to the Miltank; it moos and runs around while the text is still on the screen. Wondering how the scripting allows them to run around there, something beyond my understanding at present I'm sure. I did pick up my Lv.10 Miltank, meanwhile...kind of bummed that we're going into Routes against Pokémon in the high teens and I have to hang around Inhore leveling up a cow. Joy. Wish we could produce our own milk from the thing once a day or something, but Nintendo never thought about that (probably for good reason).

It's because they have moving move and the msgbox isn't closeonkeypress, nothing serious.
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