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    Hey guys, I would like to join this rp. This is my first time joining a rp. I'm wondering if my app and my characters are okay. Thank you in advance. Here's the app:

    Name: Rina Arias
    Age: 15 years old
    Sex: female
    B.Type: Rouge (I’m unsure what my battle type is. I’m just going to stick to rouge for now.)
    Appearance: Rina is a young adolescent with a thin and muscular physique with a height of five feet. Her almond-shaped eyes are of a moss green coloration. Rina’s skin color is a light sienna, and her (mostly) straight hair is a chestnut brown with slight waves on the lower part of her hair reaching to her shoulders. She has three molted bird feathers worn in her hair. The three molted bird feathers are each from her team of Pokemon. Rina often wears a blue sports t-shirt, and tan cargo shorts reaching to her knees. She wears a pair of light green sneakers.Rina often carries a tan satchel to keep her supplies.
    Pokemon Team:

    Species: Pidgeotto
    Gender: male Moveset: Roost, Fly, Steel Wing, Heat Wave
    Personality/Bioamuel is the lead Pokemon in Rina’s team, and the most intelligent in Rina’s team as well. Samuel is usually calm and quiet, but he is friendly too. It is hard for Samuel to get friends as he is often seen as strange and too quiet by the other Pokemon. When left alone in a battle with no trainer; Samuel would coordinate what he should do. Samuel is afraid of being useless, and not knowing things. If Samuel had a MBTI type, he would be an INTJ.

    Moveset: Roost, Brave Bird,Tailwind, Pursuit
    Personality/Bio: Nalafari is a sneaky, snarky, naughty Staravia. He is the most athletic Pokemon on Rina’s team. He likes to play pranks on unsuspecting Pokemon. Nalafari tends to be proud of himself. He likes to show off his speed and strength. When left alone in a battle with no trainer; Nalafari would use brute force to defeat the opponent. Even though he is naughty, Nalafari is loyal and true to heart to his best friends. If Nalafari had a MBTI type, he would be an ESTP.

    Moveset: Roost, Dragon Claw,Earthquake, Sing
    Personality/Bio: Emil is a kind and caring Altaria, and the heart of the team. She likes to enjoy each and every blissful moment. When Emil is happy, sometimes she would sing a song. Emil is artistic and likes to paint with her cotton-like wings and crushed berries when possible.It is difficult to get Emil angry, but when you get Emil angry, she will be very angry. When left alone in a battle with no trainer, Emil would try to use her kindness to compromise with the opponent. If Emil had a MBTI type, she would be an ISFP.

    Bio:Rina was born and raised in White Forest in Unova. She is often fascinated with nature, and likes to keep her “inner chi” in tune with nature. She likes to listen to the harmony and melody of nature. Rina likes to do tai chi, yoga, and meditating. Rina is not very social to most humans except for her family. She is very reserved to most people. Rina is often nervous since she had started her Pokemon trainer career at fifteen years of age, and started to become independent. She worries about what if she did something wrong or created a huge problem. Sometimes, Rina would stutter when she is nervous.