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"I'm Rafael Pemberton. It was nice meeting you Dunn and that was a better defensive technique than I have who's is running around in circles." I said and slightly chuckled and looked around seeing two other kids. I knew that these kids were also here to get their first Pokemon from Professor Juniper but she wasn't there. All of a sudden I heard a large scream coming from route 1 and I looked at Dunn and the two others.

"Hey guys that sounds like the professor. Lets go check what is wrong." I said and ran to the sound of the scream hoping that Dunn and the two others were following me. I shortly arrived at route 1 and saw a few Team Plasma gruntsand their Pokemon surrounding the professor. In front of us was a bag with 4 Pokeballs in it. I slowly picked up the one with a little fox on the inside of it.

"Hey leave the professor alone" I shouted and the grunts turned their attention towards me.
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