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    Since I was only very young at the time in which Diamond and Pearl were released, I'd have to say I really didn't notice the difference between the older (Johto) Pokemon and the newer (Sinnoh).

    When I look back at Sinnoh now and compare the Pokemon to the older Johto and Kanto Pokemon, I do admit there are a few Pokemon which I still don't like in Sinnoh, (i.e: Snover and Abomasnow), but I love how all the pokes in Sinnoh are... let's say, clean. Their designs are smooth and they look like they have actually been derived from real animals.

    Off-topic: But now? Unova? Half of the new Pokemon are just disgusting to me. Maybe I just have to get used to them, and I've tried, but I don't even know half the names of the Pokemon or even what animals they are supposed to represent. A coffin? An icecream? I never knew they were animals.

    I find it strange how I can love Johto-kanto/Sinnoh evolution but now Sinnoh-Unova.
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