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Okay, so, today, I was on my new SoulSilver account after Poketransferring all my good Pokemon to my Black. I've gotten pretty far, and for some reason I had chosen my character as a boy named Ethan. Oh, well, I guess my 2nd Gen instincts are still rusty, but functioning. ANYWAY, back to my post. I was walking through Ecruteak City when I got a call from Picknicker Liz. This was one of the weirdest things that happend to me in my early journey.
"Oh, hey! What's up? Today I saw a beautiful Team Rocket. I want to be a beautiful Team Rocket some day!"
I was like, 'uhhhhhh...'
Seriously. A beautiful Team Rocket!?
Feed this Pokemon a berry or suffer from guilt. >:3
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