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I've been persuaded to present this evidence in the courtroom, and to apply for this club apparently.

As for favourite games in the series, I believe Trials and Tribulations takes the cake for that one. Just everything about it was so great. The whole thing with finishing up the mystery behind Maya's past and everything related to her, as well as Godot and being able to play as Mia, it's all so good.

As for favourite character, I honestly have no idea. Right now I'm really digging Klavier just because he casually speaks german and that's really cool. Kristoph is up there as well, and is probably my favourite out of all the "bad people" sorts. Something about him just shines.

Also Gumshoe. No explanation needed for him.

Least favourite is a really difficult one, but Wocky Kitaki from AA:AJ stands out in this. I just found him so annoying with his attitude, and the fact that I didn't know what his gender was when I first saw him. I honestly don't know what it is I hate about him, but it's there.