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Fallow allowed the girls words to resonate in his head for a moment. It was a very weird thing for her to be telling him, especially as they had just met. But it did not change everything that was going on in his mind. He was excited, skeptical, upset at the fact he couldn’t talk to them, but also curious as to how that would affect her while battling. Despite knowing that she was telling the truth, since Eva had no real reason to be dishonest with him Fallow devised a test.

“Wow.” stated Fallow finally taking all of the information in. That is a really cool skill. “I’m assuming that means you would have the same type of relationship with your pokemon that people do with each other, right? For regular trainers we have to just interpret the feelings of our pokemon by their actions, but you have communication on a whole other level…well not if you count psychic types since they can help with that. Otherwise that is amazing.” Fallow said excitedly. He looked over to his pokemon and signaled Shiva to come over. The green Gecko stood up and trotted over next to its trainer.

“Shiva I want you to say the name of the attack I want you to perform so I can see something.” The grass type looked slightly puzzled but nodded in agreement anyway. “Okay Eva, I want to put your ability to the test. I’ve been working on a strategy for battling that involves rotations of moves that my pokemon have to memorize, at least to put it simply. So Shiva will say the name of the attack I want her to do after my commands.”

“Shiva Leaf Storm” said Fallow after snapping his fingers.

“Tre-Treecko Tre (Quick Attack).” Replied the pokemon calmly.

Fallow then turned his attention back to the female trainer. “So what did she say?” asked the boy anxiously.
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