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Spirit hovered down lower toward Echo. I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to... Forgive me?

Mello leaned in close to Avaith and whispered. Maybe when you're better... We can go ask Flare what happened...?


Ki began to stamp his foot impatiently. With a light sigh he sat beside Flare. You know... It's in the past... Why are you still feeling this way?

Flare grumbled quietly. You don't understand how it feels.

Ki closed his eyes. I suppose you're right about that one...


Kiba paused for a moment after they arrived at the tent, and Shadoan. He was foraging for dinner? 'Tis the season of giving! Kiba walked into the tent, and delved into his bag. He picked up a plastic tub, that's decently large, but not too large to carry easily. He handed this tub the Shadoan, which is filled with many berries of every variety. "Take these... I tend to collect berries, though I might have had a lot more experience. I can easily find more, so... Those are yours." He smiled slightly. "Besides, you have a bigger group to feed."

He sat down on his elevated bed for a moment (the one from his injury accident) with an optional Julia following. He picked up the basket containing Mello and Avaith and walked over to Shadoan. "Would you mind if these two spent the night shift with us?"

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