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Sir Aaron Reiki II & Lucario

Lucario carefully lifted Aaron up and leapt back to the group and gently placed him on the ground. Believe it or not, this has happened many times before, but an attack that powerful... It was clear that Lucario was panicked. Aaron lay unconscious, and his hat rested over in the field, dropped during the knockback. Thinking quickly, he unbuttoned and removed Aaron's jacket, and lifted his shirt off. Aaron's torso was bruised and already turning shades of reddish-purple.

Lucario began to thrust his paws into Aaron's chest, and after a few repetitions Aaron coughed up a mouthful of water, slightly tainted with blood. This seemed to remove all of it, and Aaron regained consciousness, coughing up only droplets now. Lucario stood up rather quickly. Please, please watch him, I need to go fetch someone. Lucario quickly made his way through the halls and ran to Charles, conveniently in the halls already. Charles-- I-it's Aaron. Please, follow me. Quickly! And with that, Lucario left back out toward the group outside, in a hurry.

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