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    Sup guys. Wow, I haven't posted here for a while, but the Hoenn fever hit me again recently, and I went digging for info. I stumbled upon this timeline, you might find it interesting:

    It basically details the releases and build ups to the main games in the series. It really hammers home the patterns that have been reccuring over the years, and lead me to believe that:

    What the next main games are won't become obvious until around february.
    Comparing where we are now to previous years, there has been no new info regarding games between the months of october and december for years. We're effectively in a dry spell. However in december, a trailer for the next film should come out, revealing a tentative title, and a bit of the plot. Then in February the true hero of the film will be revealed in CoroCoro, and whoever that is will decide whether the next games are Gen 6 or Hoenn Remakes.
    This is the same thing that has happened every year for about 7 years now. Its a shame, but the pattern just doesn't lie.

    The only other thing that could happen is the remakes could be announced very soon, and released to coincide with their anniversary in November. Unfortunately I don't think that'll happen as then there'll be no time to advertise it to the public and get them excited. However... did you know Junichi Masuda will be appearing on Smash in October?