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    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    well imo its better to use the whole card because the use of a blank card where you add the illustration like in the gbc games is limited after a certain point...
    you know in the newer cards the pokemon started to go out of the card window...
    look at this example:

    there are 2 sizes i would suggest for a card...
    first we need a small image like the cards i uploaded in my previous post (132x182 pixel)
    the other one is a full view of the card like these:
    their size is 276x380 which barely fits in the current screen size of essentials...
    you can see & read almost anything in this size...
    it looks even better with the newer cards where you have a lot of details...
    ahh and of course we need tiny cards for the library screen...
    they dont need to have any details so a tiny card for each card type should be enough...
    I'm pretty sure we'd just need the one image per card (the largest one), since the game can resize it where necessary.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    i will improve these points...
    i hope i can make 10-12 card names visible at once next time...
    and well a sorting method for the card dex is not that use full...
    but we need a sorting method for the library right?
    otherwise it would take hours to make a deck...
    I don't know if even the Library needs sorting methods. Can't it just act like the Bag, where you can sort it yourself, and new cards are added to the bottom? Besides, I don't know what sorting method would be best.

    If having too many cards becomes a serious general concern, I may add a "Trunk" option to the PC, where you can dump cards you don't use. However, it's not something I'm going to bother with now.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    without the "seen" option how will the players know which cards are missing in their collection?
    after seeing a card (for example in battle) that you want to have how are you supposed to get it if you dont know which boosters you need to open?
    its like in the pokemon games you know...
    if you dont know the location where the pokemon are you cant find them without some luck...
    it would be almost impossible to get a rare pokemon with a 1% rate to find...
    with rare cards its even worse because there are tons of them and if you have the luck to get one its most likely not the one you wanted...
    I'm still not convinced.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    changed the layout a little bit...

    if this is ok for the beginning i will start work on the card info screen...
    This new layout is a lot better than your first attempt.

    The card numbers should appear next to each card, in place of the ball symbol (which isn't needed if we're not using a "seen" option).

    There shouldn't be any scrolling left/right to change sets here. The sets will be listed in another screen first (like the list of Regional Dexes in Essentials).

    I'm also not sure about using BW graphics.

    I've attached my very poor attempt at a Library screen, just so you have an idea of what I was thinking of. If you have a better layout, go for it. You'll certainly have better graphics.
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