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verse 1
yo, naw this aint gotta be a rap more of a freestyle recap
there's not a of words to rhyme so i know its gonna sound like crap
im runnin from the cops and goin through the speed trap
now i got the swat team after me cuz i had to pop a cap
now im gettin my mug shot for bein a street thug
i got thrown in the penitentiary for stealin spark plugs
im the illest in this century that's why i roll with the juggs
now im fightin criminals and squashing them like bugs
they lived in the hood block and had to bust them slugs
some are in cos they sold the illegal drugs
when they rollin down the streets theyre lookin for people to mug
theyle jack anything they see even if its a rug

check it, your rhymes are so lame and you don't even got a stage name
you aint got no punchlines and in rap that's like committin crimes
yo i murder everything you throw at me, and then convert it to mp3
so you aint got nothin on me and that's the way it's gotta be
imma take you through a tour of why im in the rap game
that might explain why i always put yall to shame
yall are the same and i aint tryin to flame
you arent even tame that's why you use your last name

next rhyme is gonna go with fame and what not.