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    Cynthia. She's first female champion. I love her gothic design. She's the type of woman I can never be, but help admire anyway. I like how she didn't go out of her way to become a champion, she just happened to be strong. I like how's she portrayed as being so intelligent yet somewhat of ditz and is kinda lazy(she could gave her grandmother the Old Charm herself, has a messy room, and could have helped me out against Cyrus), which show's still a person and didn't let herself get defined by her title. I love how she's portrayed as being an unofficial researcher/archeologist because that's how I play in the game; I focus more my dex and I get side tracked by so many things not related to battling(for example, when I was in Lenora's gym, I got sidetracked by her exhibit and forgot I was there for a gym battle) so I can relate to that. I like how's she one of the few champions not specialize in a certain type (though she does have a rare/mythical them to her team) which makes her a challenge and I love how, except for Garchomp, uses all my favorite pokemon in team(I cherish the Togepi egg she gave me and I've raised it into a powerful Togekiss).

    Don't get wrong, I like Lance and he can be pretty cool, but I just feel that all the champions who came after him are more interesting.

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