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    Leon was lost in his own world waiting for the professor to open the door. He didn't notice that three more people had also made their way to the lab. "It sure is taking the professor a long time to answer the door. I already rang the bell five times. I want to get started on my journey as soon as possible. My contest team, my contest team, my contest team..." Leon continued to think about his contest team until he realized he was no longer alone. Three more soon to be trainers had come to the lab. Though one was on the ground and talking to the other training and another training was just chilling in the corner. Just as Leo was about to introduce himself to the group, the trainers heard screaming. "I think that scream belongs to a woman" Leo said as he got up and followed one of the trainers that had led the charge to the location of the scream.

    Once they reached route 1, Leon noticed that there were some strange men with their Pokemon surrounding the professor. "I need a Pokemon to battle with, but who and how?" Leon pondered. However, then he saw that one of the trainers had taken a Pokeball out of the professor's bag that contained a little fox. Leon quickly made his way to the bag and analyzed the Pokemon. He saw a green snake, a orange and black pig, and a blue otter. "I know these guys abilities and traits from my research in my laptop." Leon grabbed his laptop and prepared to choose the right Pokemon according to his style and preference for contest skills. He was interrupted when the other trainers took hold of their own Pokeballs from the bag. This left Leo with the Green Snake, Snivy. "My data said you were my last choice for a contest partner because of your move pool, but I guess you can help me prove my skills as a coordinator." Leon stood beside his fellow trainers and prepared to battle. He threw his Pokeball up in the air, "Now Snivy, put on a show!" Snivy falls to Leon's side.
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