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    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    Interestingly 2013 is the 10th anniversity of International releases. Also irc RG remakes weren't release for their 10th anniversity either...maybe it's a odd generation thing...
    Originally Posted by Racingferret View Post
    Aha! See this is where the timeline comes in really useful.

    Red and Green were released in Japan on Feb 27, 1996
    FireRed and LeafGreen were released on Jan 29, 2004.


    So no, they came out nowhere near the 10th anniversary. In fact, Diamond and Pearl were released closer, as they came out in 2006.
    So what you are saying is, one of the biggest supporting arguments for the remakes being made in a certain time period was all hogwash?

    I have no problem with this XD

    Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
    As anybody thought of if this remake is for gen 5 will it be during the time of BW or BW 2?
    I think it would be between because in BW there is no mention of team Aqua or Magma but I guess in BW2 there's a Aqua/Magma grunt in the house that belonged to the ex team rocket member. But who knows
    The easter egg for the two grunts: the grunts say it was many years ago so it would be before the incident of B2W2 since that's how they reference TR and Galactic. Magma and Aqua just aren't as note worthy.