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    Rina Arias_____________________

    There were a few breezes in the air with the chirping of bird Pokemon until… “VOOOOOMMMM!” roared a ship. The ship was heading to Lethia, a region of the Pokemon world.

    On the ship was a tomboyish-looking, young woman of fifteen years of age wearing a blue sports t-shirt, tan cargo shorts with a length that reached down to below her knees, and green sneakers. The young woman was carrying a tan satchel. The satchel was filled with a first aid kit, a map of Lethia, a badge case with one piece of a badge, a brochure, a bottle of water, berries, and a bag containing slices of apple sliced from three apples. Three bird Pokemon were near the young woman, an Altaria, a Staravia, and a Pidgeotto.

    Today was a(n) (un)lucky day for this young woman and her Pokemon. She had been chosen to compete in the Earth and Sky League by a mysterious man. The young lady was challenged by the man for a Pokemon battle.The young lady had won the battle, and received a badge case, a map, and a brochure from the man.

    Back into the present, the young woman took a slice of apple from her bag of apple slices in her satchel, and she bit into it with a satisfying crunch. The bag had a name inscribed on it; it was the young lady’s name. Her name was Rina Arias.

    Within Rina’s thoughts as she ate the apple slice, she thought,“Luna… I promise you that someday...we will make it…that one wish…a wish…

    to change the world... "
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