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Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
Okay, okay. You clearly have a lot of passion for game development, but you seem incredibly naive about the process. I have to agree with the guys at the Unity forum who say that you're not capable of doing something like this, certainly not at this point.

For starters, investing a huge amount of time and energy into a Pokémon fangame, which you will be sued for if it's even partially successful, is perhaps not the wisest dream. Couple that with the Mega Man element, of course, and you have two possible ways to get closed down. If you are inspired to make an RPG creature-based game, why not go the whole way and make something original? Sure, you can borrow gameplay elements from other games, but borrow too heavily and your work will be for nought. So you want to keep the Pokémon fans involved in your game. A nice thought, but if you're serious about the game, it legally isn't possible.

Secondly, I'm really confused about what your role would be. Do you have any experience working in Unity? Doing graphics? Most people who visit this subforum have their own ideas and stories, and a lot of those have few other skills, which inevitably lead to nothing happening. Why? Because people aren't going to do free work for someone else's dream. If you don't know how to do something, try to learn. If you can't learn, try another facet of game development. Also, I don't want to offend you, but I would be very worried about working with you as a writer given how riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Anything short of near-perfect English is seen as unprofessional, and arrogance such as "I can write very very very long and exciting storys like 100,000-1,000,000 words long if I have to storys" comes across as ridiculous.

Lastly, your story makes no sense. Okay, the idea of "real" kids being transported into the Pokémon world is good and fairly original (as far as I can remember), but its execution in your extract is disjointed. WWIII? Why is that relevant or necessary? It makes the scope of the storyline huge, without actually doing anything with it. There are simple edits that would make it more logical. You say that "Arceus did it somehow" when he gives the kids Pokémon, immediately before warping them to the Pokémon world. Why don't you just flip the two around? Wouldn't that be easier? And I'm guessing the EXE thing is a Mega Man reference, but having your characters transform just seems entirely pointless and unnecessary. They've been transported out of their own world, given Pokémon and then for some reason they're turned into robots. Is everyone a robot now? It's just excessive and seems to be trying to shoehorn in Mega Man without really giving it any real thought.

I'll leave it there, but really, I think you need to get a sense of perspective. If there's anything I've said you're confused about or want to reply to, please say so.
Yea, Im really sorry it didn't make alot of since and im trying to get all my info together also isn't easy...I kind of had to rush the thread typing since I was kind of low on time so I had to speed type the thread..Ill clarify everything for you...

The story starts that Arceus creates universe's and after creating the Pokemon world and the Pokemon that runs the basic physics which is Dialga,Palkia and Giratina...Arceus then creates other universes like our world and such and it wanted to see what Pokemon would do in other universes...So he picks a Charmander,Eevee,Pikachu and Zorua to be a part of its experiment...So it(Arceus) and Dialga,Palkia,Giratina try to transport the three to this universe that 3D which is our world but something goes wrong...Charmander and Eevee disappears when the cloud of smoke clears but not Pikachu or Zorua...

What happens is that the Charmander and Eevee is reborn(reincarnation anyone?) as as human's from the real world and they have no memory of ever being a Pokemon...So they live out there human life's until since out world is imperfect...Arceus has a meeting with Dialga,Palkia,Giratina in the year of 2008 on what to do with the real world and Arceus tells the three that in order to stop of destruction of the Real World,Arceus will end all of the human race starting in the summer of 2012 due to the real world humans own creations like discovering oil and such...But I used the "WWIII" as a cliff hanger for your information thanks! and the two becoming robot like beings is due to the fact is what would you think if you had the powers of a computers,If somehow to save your friends life you had to go on with what a unknown being told you how...What i mean is that when you merge with computers,you become like a cyborg,like Robo cop for pete sake...This happens to the two humans trying to save their Pokemon,they and there Pokemon the next day wake up to find that they can understand their Pokemon and their Pokemon can speak human language and also have the powers of computers...

My role in the project would simply be to make sure that everyone is working on what they are suppose to be working on and to make sure that they are doing it a certain way due to how all the features are...You know a project manager,I would be the project manager in this...I would give in my input about everything and you would go from there and we would work together with me and everyone with my input.....I know that may not be much and me without the ability of programming or art but I would write the storys and give in my input on what I think about Pokemon Battle network and I would then ask to see on what everyone thinks then if we disagree...We would try something different or try to make the idea better somehow...

And why does the story need to be sooooooo long...The game play on average is around 30-40 hours for video games like MMBN or Pokemon.

Right now,i'm just in the basic idea stage right now so I know this all dosn't sound really good but I really do want to go forward with this...

And I also thought about the legal stuff as well...I came up with the conclusion that "In order for Pokemon Battle Network to be legal,it has to be so different from the game play of Pokemon that even they would not think about suing me or my game and if they do..I can just give it to them to develop even better and leave it to them to develop it"

And yes,I am just a 18 year old Pokemon fan thank you very much...

PS:I got all the pictures and links you need but I cant post them until i get up to 15 posts to I will try and ill edit this post to reflect that...