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    Progress update
    Since the last time I mentioned my progress, I've rewritten the compiler and added pretty much every card aspect to the list of things it compiles, created a Library array whose cards are auto-sorted into the correct pocket, created a Deck object and array for the player's decks, added a load of methods which make manipulating cards easier, and today I created another compiler script which reads a PBS file containing pre-made decks (which must each be 60 cards long).

    Nearly all of this is behind-the-scenes code, which means the user won't ever need to bother with it. Amongst other things, I can now add a card to the Library or a deck with a single line of code, knowing that the appropriate checks are made (such as the 4-card limit per species). Deleting is also just as simple and complete (e.g. deleting a card from the Library makes sure it's not being used in a deck first). It may all be rather disjointed at the moment, but it'll come together when the screens have been created.

    I have 4 script sections and 678 total lines of code to do all the above.

    Just thought you might be interested. Not bad for a week's work, particularly considering I haven't spent as long on it as I could have due to laziness and waiting for a screen to create.

    Originally Posted by mewlover22 View Post
    all good ideas this will be a great project when its done any chance of being able to add our own sets when this game comes out?
    Of course. Each set is its own txt file, so you can easily throw in more and they'll be added automatically. The relatively hard part is filling the file in correctly, and the actual hard part is programming in all the new effects.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    if the quality is acceptable this would save me some work...
    so should i send you the first sets (size: 276x380)?
    As I said, we should wait until we have decent designs for the screens, because we can't know what size card graphics we'll need until then.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    at the beginning its not needed because the first 3 sets have together like 200 cards...
    but each set adds about 100 cards so a sorting system is essential after you have reached like 1000 cards...
    imo the most important sorting method is alphabetical but there are some more points which can be used to sort the cards like hp, atk, type, rarity and so on...
    Remember that the contents of each set will (probably) be divided up into many Library pockets (one per Pokémon element, Trainers, Energy). It'll be quite a while before you start losing cards.

    Alphabetical sorting is fair enough, as is by card type (Basic/Stage 1/Baby/etc.). I think I'm just about able to manage that - remember that I do have to code all this, and I don't want to give myself a harder time than necessary.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    well i dont know what else i can tell you about the "seen" option to convince you expect the points i told you in my other post...
    how about hearing the opinions of other users?
    imo its important to know which cards can be found in which booster but if its just me that thinks this way i will remove the "seen" option without regrets...
    I see the Card Dex as more of a checklist than of a way of learning where cards can be found. In the real world, you don't keep a track which which cards you know exist, do you? Other CCG-based games don't. If you want to know the contents of a set, you can use the Internet. Plus, there's the joy of opening a booster pack and discovering what lies within (new cards will be marked as such, so you at least know if you gained anything new).

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    i knew i forgot something (index numbers)! xD
    i will add them to the next version...
    but i dont know if i should remove the ball symbol which marks the cards as "seen"...
    is it ok for you if i move it to a different position where it can be removed easily until some more people tell us their opinion about the "seen" option?

    removing the arrows is an easy task...
    should i give this screen where the sets are listed a try too?
    i can already see it before me!

    well i used the BW style because its easy to work with ad the results look good...
    i wanted to replace them with a more unique style after some more progress is done...
    if you want i can change the style with the next version but it would take a lot of time where i could work for other important stuff like info or library screen...
    imo we should stick with the BW graphics until we have a concept for some more screen (library, card info, deck construction and the set screen mentioned above) but well its not my decision...
    You can do what you like with the designs. I'm not expecting the absolute final designs immediately; I don't mind if I just have placeholder graphics, so long as I know what layout to work to.

    The screen listing the sets would be nice to have too; I imagine it looks pretty much the same as the Card Dex. Each set should list its completion next to it. Sets for which the player has no cards will not be shown at all, like empty Regional Dexes in Essentials. There's no need to display an overall completion value. You may want to put each set's icon next to it to liven things up; I haven't decided either way.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    this is realy helpfull!
    an idea i had right after seeing your screen it that the icons on the top can be made to dropdown boxes where you can add sorting methods!
    for example a dropdown box for the set, one for the cardtype, one for the first letter of the card (which is a way of sorting alphabetical), one box with numbers for hp, one to check if the card has pokepower/body and so on...
    this way you can find exactly the card you look for...
    there is still some time until i start with the library screen so think about it and add all the stuff you want there...
    I think a better way would be to open a menu with the Z key (like it used to in the Pokédex), and this menu would list several sorting methods to use. Again, deciding which methods should exist is the key. That is, if there will be multiple sorting methods at all.

    I think what you are describing are filters (i.e. hide cards which don't match the criteria), but I'm not sure I'd be able to do that.
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