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    Tristen S, Raikou Dorm
    [Forest Area]

    Out of irritation, Tristen finally pushed Skarmory’s beak off of her arm. “Would you quit it? You should know by now that I’m not going to disappear. I’m following you--so quit biting my shirt. I only have so many, you know.”

    He let go, and instead of pulling on her sleeve, he flew behind her and began pushing her forward.

    Her annoyance got the best of her after a third shove nearly sent her tripping onto her face. She spun around and flicked the steel bird hard on the nose. A quiet tink sound resonated as Skarmory suddenly stopped. It didn’t hurt him, but the act had caught him off guard.

    “I said,” she spoke quietly and enunciated every word carefully, “to quit it.” She looked at him intensely in the face with her brilliant red eyes. She continued to speak in a subdued voice, “You are pushing it, Skarmory. Why are you acting so strange? You know better than to act this way towards me.”

    The bird looked uncomfortable under her gaze. “I’m not mad at you,” she continued, “but stop bothering me like this. I said that I was coming.”

    She sighed as she pat him hesitantly on his beak. “Is it long before we get to where you’re taking me?”

    He shook his head and started to fly ahead of her. As Tristen said she would, she followed him until they reached the edge of the forest, far from the volcano where Teal and the others were left.

    Skarmory stopped when he reached his destination and turned to face Tristen. “Well?” The white-haired girl looked around and saw nothing worth noticing. “What is it that you wanted me to see?”

    He motioned towards the other end of the open field they had reached, and Tristen looked out to see what he was showing her. It was a lone raging Tauros chasing a single Aipom. Looks to me like that Aipom bothered that Tauros a little too much.

    She straightened up and looked at Skarmory. “Are you serious? That’s what you wanted me to see.” She looked up incredulously. The steel bird simply shrugged. Of all the... She face-palmed. “Skarmory,” she spoke frankly, “if you didn’t want me to climb the volcano, you could have just told me, instead of dragging me all the way out here with the lamest excuse I have ever seen you pull off in a long time.”

    The bird put his head down in embarrassment. “I didn’t really want to climb that volcano anyways, silly.” She pat him gently on the head. “Next time, just tell me what you’re thinking to the best of your ability--that way, you don’t have to bother the crap out of me while doing it.” He cawed, indicating that he understood.

    Tristen smiled at him. “Thanks for caring, buddy.” She looked back to the poor Aipom running for its life on the other side of the open field. “Well, since we’re here, I guess we could do some training and save that Aipom while we’re at it.” She chuckled softly to herself. “But I don’t know if I want to save a pokemon that gets itself into trouble.”
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