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I'm going to continue to update this, if people want.

Additionally, if anyone has played up until Dead Island, you may have noticed a special cave that leads to faraway places. In the future, that will be important, hopefully.

Hyetology had its ups and downs mostly because I really didn't want to continue. But I had made a promise to finish, so I did. I had a lot lot of good ideas at the beginning, but as time went on I think I tried too hard to make the "perfect" story. I also tried to take a naturally darker game and force it to be light-hearted. That was dumb of me.
I'm still very much interested in 3D games, and would rather do those, but I have no idea (and honestly, no desire to learn) how to do all the nitty-gritty hacking gen IV and V currently require. I love game design, and even tried taking Java but it just wasn't for me (also my teacher was ****, gave me an A and we never did anything). I guess for now I have to wait until one of the awesome hackers like Spiky, etc., makes a completely user-friendly tool for me :P.
I mean, I have knowledge of everything basic, like textures, polygons, some scripting, and collisions for 3D games... Though nothing more, and I don't have time now.

^What is this I don't even... Major tangent.
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