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Mark Willson- Academy Halls (Yeah finally doing this thing)

Mark continued to follow the source of the sound. He could hear alot of stuff being destroyed and it felt like the ground was shaking as he got closer. It sounded like it was coming from the Academy halls. There was no way this could be the Teachers. They would be fighting in a battlefield rather then in the middle of the halls. It was against the rules! It must have been a forced fight. Which means whoever was involved was in serious trouble... Maybe it was just some bully being a jerk face?

Mark's suspiscions were cleared though when he finally arrived at the scene of the battle Valorie was fighting some other guy with... well he wasn't sure what either of these Pokemon were. But they both looked cool. Especially the blue one... he wasn't sure what it was, but he wanted one. But all envy aside, he needed to cheer Valorie on.

"Val!" Mark called out, keeping his distance from the battle of course. It was an absolute mess. He noticed Valorie was holding a blueish Zoura and had a red mark on her face. Mark wasn't sure what to make of any of this but he was confident Valorie would be able to handle it. Against the rules or not, The battle was a fair one at the very least. Snype jumped down at got ready just in case the other guy started cheating or something.

At the moment, Valorie had the advantage so she had it under control at the moment.

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