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    Olivia Jane Niwri

    Olivia clenched her fists in frustration, the response from the man in the giant EXO suit infuriated her beyond words. How dare he say anyone dying in there wasn’t worth saving. Some people might just be unconscious or trapped, he had no idea what situation others might be in. He retracted his blades and looked at her, his proclamation about clearing a perimeter seemed low on her priorities right now.

    She turned to look at the shuttle, her gaze averted as he extended his blades once again. Everything she had to say in response was not kind, so she decided to leave him to his task. Better to stifle a curse, than to respond and get into a needless argument. Idiot.

    Her mind raced, smoke still billowing from the crash as she braced herself before entering the shuttle again. Every cell in her body screaming don’t do it, every fiber putting up a fight in her muscles. She approached the vessel again, her armor clad hand placed on the fringes of the rupture. The cooler metal of her suit giving off a slight hiss upon contact with the superheated external plating. Atmo re-entry was never kind to any space craft, the heat and pressure were astronomical, let alone one in an explosion.

    “You can do this,” she tried unconvincingly to reassure herself. “You have to do this.” Taking a small unsure step, she poked her head back into the shuttlecraft. She had been in such a hurry earlier, she hadn’t even been able to accurately describe the interior to herself. It looked as if half the crew were dead, mangled bodies, bodies burned beyond identification, and lumps that actually took a second to even be recognized as being among the dead. Ruptured wall panels perforated the interior, the soft flickering illumination of the faulty overhead lighting casting an eerie incandescent glow.

    “Uh...hello?” Her voice quivered slightly as she called out into the hellish cavity. “If anyone is alive, please sound out. I’m here to help.” She shifted her clear blue eyes appraisingly over the scene, desperate for any signs of life.
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