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Lerroux replying to a post in the admin forums:

Originally posted by Lerroux

Ha, you're considering once again to bring back name changes, Ausaudriel? Preposterous! The mere idea of bringing back name changes is despicable in itself, I really think you should be reviewed. I remember when I last reviewed my subordinates, and I discovered you weren't up to my standards. As an administrator you should be doing far more for the community, not less, as clearly bringing back name changes greatly lowers the standard of users here. Once users know they can change their username they will sign up with the stupidest ideas.

Just think about some of the staff when I first arrived, Meganium90, for example. Numbers should never be in a moderator's username. They should be elite, not middle or working class. Soon all the members will ask us to make them moderators because soon they can remove their "numbers". Numbers were always meant to be a deterrent and helped us decide who was best fit for moderator and who wasn't. Those with numbers just weren't up to our standards. Of course, we made exceptions with Meganium90, as mentioned, but she was a special case. I mean, not everyone has that amount of money and honestly, since she's been on staff the database has been a lot better from what I've seen.

Those users I bring to the community through my advertising don't really fit in with my standards, either. Their usernames are terrible, and while username changes can fix that, again, the users don't deserve the right to change their names because they should be okay with what they started with. I have a perfectly fine username, so you should too. It's as simple as that. On that note too, I can't even remember half of the moderators these days. What are the Emulation mods? Some hybrid Dialga creature and a Doctor? For one, Pokemon shouldn't be staff, and for two, doctors should be in the medical field, not the ROM hacking field. It's disheartening to see that this is what has become of our staff these days.

I remember when I first started recruiting members for Steve - the quality was much better, in both staff and members. I'm just glad that Steve was smart enough to bring me in just at the right time otherwise staff would currently be anarchy, I can assure you. All of you should value me more, after all, I am the one that makes the decisions around here and can choose to demote any of you, at and moment of the day. Keep that in mind. However on the username changes idea, no, never in a million years will I allow that, except if I needed to change mine. I think after all I've done for this forum I deserve a few free username changes and if it destroys the database, good riddance! You fools would be nowhere without me anyway, and if this forum is destroyed then finally I can go back to intelligent discussion, rather than discussion with what seems to be three-year-olds who have only just learnt how to say "mummy". Idiots.

Instead I propose a revert your username policy. Then we'll see how the members really will survive without their precious unicode characters and instead numbers. Thousands of numbers. Hopefully some of the brainless idiots will leave too, the more the better! The genius part of this idea is I win either way, and we'll finally have a better community as well as reasons to fire a few staff members - that can never be a bad thing, can it? Now Ausaudriel, drop this stupid name changes shenanigan and work on this one instead or I'll have you reviewed immediately.

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